Big Mood: Season 1

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A series of chaotic events put Maggie and Eddie's decade-long friendship to the test. With Maggie's bipolar disorder making an... More

Where to watch Big Mood: Season 1

Big Mood: Season 1 is available to stream in New... More Zealand now on Three Now.

Big Mood: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1


Maggie returns to her old school to give a talk... More about her not-so-successful playwrighting career. But she's not there to inspire the kids; she wants to know if hot teacher Mr Wilson still fancies her!

Episode 1.2


Eddie is determined to celebrate Maggie's 30th birthday. But with... More Maggie experiencing a depressive episode, and a hotel of rats on the loose, what could possibly go wrong?

Episode 1.3


Maggie throws her first ever dinner party to prove to... More her new therapist and her agent that she's mentally stable. Meanwhile, Eddie revisits an old flame.

Episode 1.4

The Middle

Maggie drags Eddie to a pagan festival in the woods... More to distract her from her controlling boyfriend, but things don't go to plan, and the fate of Eddie's bar hangs in the balance


The Edge

Eddie hits up London's nightlife to find a rich man... More and has a run-in with her mother. Maggie tries to make amends for what happened at the pagan festival.


The Great Beyond

Maggie and Eddie reckon with the past and prepare for... More the future, but will their friendship survive as they both reach crisis point?

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