Bob's Burgers: Season 3

Bob's Burgers: Season 3

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Winner of Outstanding Animated Program at the 2014 and 2017 Emmys, this animated adult comedy follows a third-generation restaurateur and his quirky family.

2012Rating: TV-14United States of America20th Century Fox Television, Bento Box Entertainment, Wilo Productions, Buck & Millie Productions, 20th Television Animation



Ear-sy Rider

A biker gang sets up shop in the restaurant, where... More they lament the loss of their beloved leader.


Full Bars

The Belcher kids break with a long standing Halloween tradition,... More veering away from their usual trick or treat trek in favor of a posh neighborhood that's known for its oversize goodies.


Bob Fires the Kids

Worried that his kids are not enjoying summer vacation because... More he's making them work in the restaurant, Bob fires them. But they soon become bored and take jobs as "weed pickers" for a pair of hippie farmers.


Mutiny on the Windbreaker

Bob does a tour of duty as a private chef... More on a docked cruise ship and brings along the family to witness his true culinary skills, but the special occasion is scuttled when the kooky captain shanghais the whole family.


An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal

Bob's plans for his favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, change when Mr.... More Fischoeder hires him as a chef, and Linda and the kids to play his family, as he tries to stage a perfect holiday dinner in order to make a former flame jealous.


The Deepening

Mr. Fischoeder's new pier attraction, a mechanical shark, goes haywire... More and terrorizes the town, and it falls to Bob and the family to catch it.


Tina-rannosaurus Wrecks

After Tina accidentally wrecks the car, and gets the whole... More family involved with a slimy insurance agent, she worries that she's a "jinx".


The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene

Gene gets his first girlfriend, but it doesn't take long... More for the family to realize that she is incredibly annoying and they pressure him to break up with her.


Bob Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins

When Bob inherits a storage unit around Christmas, visions of... More riches dance in the heads of the family, but what they find inside is a squatter who claims he once worked as a mannequin.


Mother Daughter Laser Razor

Linda worries that her relationship with Louise isn't as good... More as it should be, so, much to Louise's chagrin, she forces the young lady to participate in a mother-daughter seminar. With mom away, Tina turns to Bob for a lesson in shaving her legs.


Nude Beach

The new health inspector proves to be a decent fellow,... More until he blackmails Bob into being allowed to perform his atrocious music at the restaurant, which drives away the customers.


Broadcast Wagstaff School News

There is a "Mad Pooper" running wild at the Belcher... More children's middle school and Tina finds herself on a mission to get to the "bottom" of the situation.


My Fuzzy Valentine

When a heart-shaped pancake simply doesn't cut it, the kids... More convince Bob to let them skip school in order to help him find a Valentine's Day gift that will "wow" Linda. Meanwhile, in the spirit of the romantic holiday, Linda sets up a speed-dating event at the restaurant that doesn't go exactly as planned.


Lindapendent Woman

Linda thinks Bob doesn't appreciate her and quits the restaurant... More to work at a grocery store. In her absence, Bob tries - and fails - to run the place on his own and the kids are stuck in the middle of the marital mayhem. Meanwhile, things get romantic for Tina when she meets her potential soul mate while restocking the milk fridge.


O.T.: The Outside Toilet

When Gene finds an expensive talking toilet out in the... More woods, he and his friends decide to protect it as much as they can while an evil toilet hunter is looking for the toilet.



Louise expects to get a charge out of taking down... More her Thomas Edison-obsessed science teacher when she re-creates one of the famous inventor's experiments that involved electrocuting an elephant.


Two for Tina

Jimmy Jr. is threatened when Tina starts dating a ballet... More dancer named Josh and the two boys get into an epic dance-off for her heart


It Snakes a Village

The Belcher family road-trips down to Florida to visit Linda's... More parents who live in a senior home that - to Linda's complete horror - is full of senior swingers! Plus, to keep themselves entertained, Tina, Gene and Louise go on a hunt for a mysterious python that allegedly ate one of the residents' dogs.


Family Fracas

After the family car breaks down and ruins their plans... More for a movie night out, the Belchers find themselves competing on the TV game show "Family Fracas!" To the dismay of the program's host, they keep winning and coming back each night...that is until their lucky streak comes to a suspicious end.


The Kids Run the Restaurant

After Bob cuts his finger and faints at the sight... More of his own blood, Linda brings him to the hospital and leaves the kids home alone. Not ones to waste a golden opportunity, Tina, Gene and Louise transform the basement of the restaurant into a makeshift casino. But they get more than they gamble for when landlord Mr. Fischoeder stops by and catches them in action.


Boyz 4 Now

While accompanying Tina to a "Boyz 4 Now" concert, Louise... More develops a crush on one of the lead singers, Boo Boo - and is in disbelief that she actually likes a boy! Meanwhile, Gene gets creative - and slightly offensive - in a table-setting competition.


Carpe Museum

Bob chaperones a school trip to the museum and experiences... More some father-daughter bonding with Louise, while Gene and his gang are on the lookout for exhibits with busts, and not the kind that are sculpted out of stone. Later, on the museum steps, Linda offers her distinctive chanting talents to striking workers.


The Unnatural

After Gene loses his confidence at his baseball game, Linda... More decides to sign him up for baseball camp. The only problem? She needs money to pay for it! Meanwhile, Tina discovers her love for espresso and becomes a caffeine addict.

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