Borgen: Season 3

Borgen: Season 3

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After a landslide victory, a 40-year-old political leader faces an even bigger challenge of living up to her ideals in this Danish drama series.




A Child of Denmark

Two and half years later, Birgitte is traveling the world... More out of politics when suddenly the changing Moderate Party makes her want to return. The problem is, Krause, whom she sent away to EU, is the leader of the party now, and does not want her back. Sojro however tells Birgitte to oust Krause as a leader. Birgitte hires Kathrine to help her, and they try to get the votes together so Birgitte could once again become the leader of the Moderate Party.


The Land is Built on Law

Birgitte is keeping her plan to herself initially, but one... More by one she involves people. While some are enthusiastic, Sejro does not take the news well, even calling Birgitte a traitor. Meanwhile, Kathrine is struggling with the role of being a (working) mother.


The Right Shade of Brown

Birgitte has attracted lots of followers to her party, but... More the policy has not been set yet and there is no money. A banker offers a donation of one million but is there a catch? Meanwhile the team is searching for a spokesperson on immigration to debate on TV and Kathrine struggles with her feelings for Kasper.


Their Loss…

Birgitte struggles to get her party recognized particularly by other... More politicians, but might have a chance to change it when her boyfriend gets sick and is exposed by the media. Meanwhile, Kathrine continues to struggle with her feelings for Kasper who has difficult time understanding why her behavior has changed.


Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

Being accepted as a political party, New Democrats must take... More a stand on a controversial issue of banning buying sex. Through learning about the issue both Birgitte and Kathrine face their prejudices and their views on the issue change as they get personally more involved. It also affects their personal relations.


Sons of the Past

The ex-communist professor joins The New Democrats Party.


The Fall

When the New Democrats are invited to join a broad... More coalition of opposition parties they think it is the recognition they have been seeking. But Birgitte soon finds she has no bargaining power whatsoever, much to Nete's disgust.


If You Never Change Your Mind

Birgitte quickly realizes that the New Democrats are now minor... More players in the opposition coalition and she pulls them out of it. The Moderates seem to be proposing things that Birgitte has privately discussed - is there a mole?


Sense and Sensibility

After the leaks to the Moderates, Birgitte decides that the... More New Democrats need to distinguish themselves from the Moderates. So in a debate she launches a bold attack on their leader Jacob Kruse - will her strategy work?


The Election

Kruse's outburst in the pre-election debate proves fatal to the... More Moderates and the New Democrats pick up more than double the predicted seats. Suddenly, Birgitte is being courted by both the left and right wing coalition groups.

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Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

Season 1 Review: One of the greatest TV series of the past decade.

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Season 1 Review: It is not puffed up with an American sense of grandiosity and world historical import. Each episode contains intricate twists and turns, but is focused on the human-size, psychological aspects of politics, of how Nyborg learns to be effective and at what cost.

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The Guardian

The Guardian

Season 1 Review: It's a fantastically compelling and intricate drama about politics, gender, change and (mainly) power. With great characters – not just the women but the men too.

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Season 1 Review: Simply put, Borgen is a rare gem of a show, one that is as smart as it is entertaining, that grows richer with each passing episode and rewards viewers with exciting, thought-provoking drama.

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The New York Times

The New York Times

Season 1 Review: Borgen may be the hardest show to find on American television, but at the moment it’s also one of the best.

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A.V. Club

A.V. Club

Season 1 Review: If I have an issue with this first episode, it’s that too much of the storytelling is driven by coincidence.

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Borgen: Season 3 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Netflix.