Bosch: Season 1

Bosch: Season 1

Bosch: Season 1

Titus Welliver is hard-edged Hollywood homicide detective Harry Bosch in this crime series based on Michael Connelly's best-selling novels. After shooting a suspect in unclear circumstances, Bosch returns to duty itching to get back to the business of catching crims. He quickly finds himself investigating the death of a young boy who was horribly beaten, and dealing with the serial killer who claims responsibility - even if those claims don't seem to ring true.

2014USAAmazon Studios

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1 March 2017

Chapter One: 'Tis the Season

An LAPD homicide detective works to solve the murder of a 13-year-old boy while standing trial in federal court for the murder of a serial killer.

28 February 2017

Lost Light

A routine traffic stop lands a suspect who poses a lethal new threat, while Bosch and J. Edgar pursue a promising lead in the bones case. Bosch locks horns with Deputy Chief Irving over his... MORE ongoing court battle, just as his relationship with Brasher picks up. And murder suspect Raynard Waits makes a startling confession about Bosch's cold case.

28 February 2017

Blue Religion

After the young victim in the bones case is identified, Bosch and J. Edgar are pulled into the troubled world of the boy's family. As Bosch's own trial escalates, his romance with Brasher takes a... MORE turn. And an intense confrontation with Raynard Waits forces Bosch to rethink everything.

28 February 2017


The bones investigation uncovers the family's dark past. As Bosch's court case reaches a climactic verdict, he gets caught up in a dangerous field trip with Waits, who may be setting him up. A stunning... MORE turn of events leads to a frantic citywide manhunt, and Bosch is back on the hot seat.

28 February 2017

Mama's Boy

As the Raynard Waits matter escalates, Deputy Chief Irving sidelines Bosch. The detective turns his focus to unraveling the mystery of the bones case - until he becomes ensnared in a dangerous game of cat... MORE and mouse.

28 February 2017

Donkey's Years

Bosch travels to Las Vegas to see his teenage daughter, Maddie, and to gain insight into Waits from his ex-wife, Eleanor Wish, once a brilliant forensic profiler. Back in LA, Waits taunts Bosch as he... MORE begins backing up his threats. Bosch returns to a maelstrom as the simple questioning of a witness in the bones case endangers Brasher.

1 March 2017

Lost Boys

Bosch struggles to manage both professional and personal fallout, as an echo of his past helps him discover pivotal clues in the Waits case. As the stakes escalate, a restless Waits hatches a deadly plan.

28 February 2017

High Low

Bosch gains a new ally in his ex-wife Eleanor. Deputy Chief Irving makes a series of deals that will shape the future of the police department - and possibly even the city itself. Waits's disturbing... MORE focus on Bosch intensifies.

1 March 2017

The Magic Castle

The true story of the bones murder is finally revealed, placing Bosch in hot water and stretching the LAPD to the breaking point. Bosch's own painful past leads him headlong into a showdown with... MORE Raynard Waits.

1 March 2017

Us and Them

Bosch has to face the aftermath of his confrontation with Waits, while his daughter's unexpected visit offers some precious time together. In the wake of the bones investigation, Bosch's job is in jeopardy, and... MORE he's suddenly on the outside once again.