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Four-part documentary series telling the incredible story of Brawn GP and their remarkable F1 Championship Season in 2009 with those... More

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Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story is available to stream... More in New Zealand now on Disney+.

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Part 1

Keanu Reeves shares one of Formula 1's greatest underdog stories.... More After the 2008 financial crisis, an under financed, independent team takes on the world's best. Ross Brawn the genius behind Ferrari's recent success leads a management buyout to save the failing Honda team. Renamed Brawn GP, Ross leads the team to focus on new regulations, aided by a young engineer's discovery. Despite adversity, they built a car just in time for their first race in Melbourne, Australia.


Part 2

Success in Australia is bittersweet, as the rise of Brawn... More GP causes unrest amongst the teams that helped them. Jenson defies all expectations, achieving incredible victories despite a relentless onslaught from the sport's biggest names. Away from the track, Ross and Nick fall into a high-stakes legal battle that could spell the end of their championship dreams. As the competition heats up, Brawn finds themselves caught in a political maelstrom, with their very survival hanging in the balance.


Part 3

As tensions boil, a revolution brews among teams, fighting unjust... More rule changes and unequal wealth distribution. Threatening to start their own series, they challenge Formula 1's order. Amid this turmoil, Jenson faces a setback. His car struggles in cooler weather, hurting his confidence and championship hopes, while rival drivers seize opportunities. Tensions escalate within Brawn GP as Rubens Barrichello emerges as a formidable contender.


Part 4

The team faces a series of bad luck in the... More Japanese GP. Red Bull dominates and the pivotal race in Brazil approaches with Jenson losing his grip on the championship. Teammate Rubens and Red Bull's Vettel eye victory and Jenson struggles in qualifying. The race becomes a thrilling battle between three drivers. Watch as Jenson fights for victory with unwavering support from his father and a genius strategy from his team. Can they turn this nightmare around and into a fairy tale ending?

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