Central Park: Season 1

Central Park: Season 1

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Animated musical sitcom from Loren Bouchard (creator of Bob's Burgers) and Apple+. Follows the exploits of a family of caretakers who live and work in Central Park, New York. Voice cast includes Kristen Bell, Tituss Burgess and Josh Gad. More

The show was developed at 20th Century Fox but the studio passed on it, and Apple eventually won the bidding war. Apple have greenlit two seasons.

2020Rating: PGUSAApple

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Episode 1

An event goes awry in Central Park. Paige chases a... More hard news story.


Skater's Choice

Bitsy pitches her plan to buy the park. Owen deals... More with a mini-mugging in Skater's Circle.


Hat Luncheon

Owen speaks at a tense Hat Luncheon charity event. Cole... More helps Molly meet up with Brendan.


Garbage Ballet

Paige hunts a rat, Owen battles trash in the park,... More and Molly obsesses over her distatrous first kiss.


Dog Spray Afternoon

Owen grapples with a fraffiti artist tagging the park, while... More Helen plots against Bitsy's dog, Shampagne.


Rival Busker

Birdie's job is threatened by a rival busker, Bitsy hosts... More a wedding, and Paige spends the night at The Brandenham.


Squirrel, Interrupted

Cole and Owen do a Squavenger Hunt in Cental Park.... More Paige discovers Molly is an amazing chess player.


Hot Oven

Molly introduces Brendan to the family. Helen stumbles upon a... More new way to get Shampagne out of her life.


Live It Up Tonight

Molly and Cole go on a special park tour as... More Owen and Paige try to have a date night.


A Fish Called Snakehead

Owen and his family search for a snakehead fish that... More might be in the Harlem Meer, and Bitsy works with a likability consultant. Season finale.

Central Park: Season 1 | Reviews

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

As a musical, Central Park is something wonderful, a joyful and elating experience almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face at a moment when pure pleasure is a welcome salve.

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Apple TV’s “Central Park” is a glorious gift for comedy and musical fans and, well, everyone.

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A.V. Club

A.V. Club

Central Park’s greatest asset is clearly its Broadway-grade music, which is to be expected with a cast stacked with vocal giants.

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Time Magazine

Time Magazine

That sense of civic pride suffuses Central Park, a delightful animated comedy created by Bob’s Burgers team Loren Bouchard and Nora Smith with Josh Gad...

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Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly

This show feels less like an Animation Domination placeholder and more of a piece with the charming lit-com weirdness of a show like Dickinson.

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If Parks and Recreation was an optimistic sitcom about local politics softened by the hazy allure of the promise of Obama’s America, Central Park is an optimistic sitcom about local politics hardened by the stark realities of Trump’s America.

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Central Park: Season 1 | Release Details

Central Park: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Apple TV+.