Darkwing Duck: Season 2

Darkwing Duck: Season 2

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The classic spin-off of DuckTales follows the adventures of superhero Darkwing Duck, aided by his sidekick Launchpad McQuack. 

1991Rating: TV-GUSADisney Television Animation
ActionAnimatedComedyKids & Family



That Sinking Feeling

Moleiarty, the fiendish genius marketer and mole from the deep... More unground, has rallied his fellow race for an attack to take over the surface city of St. Canard. Stealing buildings, he creates a beam to lock the moon in an eternal eclipse - to plunge everything in darkness.


Film Flam

Tuskernini utilizes a special camera gun to pull characters directly... More out of the movies and into the real world. As director of a specially crafted criminal force, he takes them out on the town to do his bidding.



Darkwing Duck has been zapped with Megavolt's tronsplitter, seperating his... More good side from his bad. Another zap with the two sides will restore him to normal, but his negative side is certain not to let that happen.


Fungus Amongus

A series of supernatural pizza topping thefts leads DW to... More the place that is home to St. Canard's mushroom production - McCawber Mansion. However, instead of keeping his thoughts on the case, he ends up falling for Morgana McCawber, the chair of the company. Can he crack this mysterious case, or has the hero been bitten too hard by the lovebug?


Slaves to Fashion

Under Binkie Muddlefoot's advice, Drake decides Gosalyn should act more... More like a ""lady"". Meanwhile, Tuskernini has developed a spray that makes people act the way they are dressed and targets the rich citizens attending the school masquerade party.


Something Fishy

A day at the beach gets turned upside down when... More the gang has to feal with attacks from sea creatures. In comes Neptunia, whom is sick of the pollution that is dumped in the sea and caused her to mutate. She plans revenge by flooding the city of St. Canard!


Tiff of the Titans

Fenton/Gizmoduck heads to St. Canard after Steelbeak. The F.O.W.L.... More agents soon finds out and frames Darkwing so Gizmoduck will think he's evil. The two fight it out, while Steelbeak tries to steal a new, top-secret weapon.


Calm a Chameleon

The shape-changing villainess known as the Chameleon plots to take... More control of the Howl publishing empire so she can print her own money. Honker undergoes a personality transformation when he is bullied at school.


Battle of the Brainteasers

Alien hats from outer space invade earth, take control of... More a slew of nuclear weapons, and demand to be made rulers of the universe.


Bad Tidings

F.O.W.L. is at it again! This time, the fiendish organzition... More is in control of the tides themselves. J. Gander Hooter teams up Darkwing and Grizlicoff to foil the plot, and they end up fighting amongst themselves rather than getting to the bottom of things.


Going Nowhere Fast

Negaduck zaps Darkwing with a particle accelerator, unkowingly giving him... More super speed. Unfortunately, DW soon learns the major side effect - increased aging. With Darkwing old and decrepit, Negaduck easily takes control of the city.


A Brush with Oblivion

Honker notices a villainess named Splatter Phoenix making her way... More through the museum by way of the paintings. Honker tries to tell the truth, but none believe him. Gosalyn gets involved and ends up stuck in a painting.


The Merchant of Menace

When Quackerware comes to life, S.H.U.S.H. thinks Herb Muddlefoot is... More behind it!! Drake investigates by joining in on Herb's Quackerware sale route.

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Darkwing Duck: Season 2 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Disney+.