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Dinosaurs: Season 2

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The '90s sitcom, set in 60,000,003 BC, about a family of anthropomorphic dinosaurs dealing with the trials and tribulations of their modern lives. Dinosaurs - brought to life through animatronic puppets - is co-produced by Jim Henson Television. The original idea - a sitcom about a family of dinosaurs - came from Jim Henson himself, but didn't come to fruition until after his passing.




The Golden Child

Moving on into the second season, Fran is actually getting... More a little tired becuase she's doing household choirs as usual. When she leaves Robbie and Charlene with Baby for them to watch him and make sure that he eats his breakfast, the two run-off leaving Baby alone in the kitchen. Baby feels evily happy and decides to sneak into the refrigerator to get some good sugar. When he get's too much sugar, Baby loses his nerves and becomes absolutely hyper after Earl and Fran walks in and see's the mess. Fran immediately takes Baby to the doctor to find the solution to the problem. But it was never solved except when Robbie and Charlene knew that he ate alot of sugar for him to grow a golden horn. While Earl is being teased at work, Ethyl recieves a scroll when a black dinosaur gives her informing Earl and Baby to meet in the Cave of Destiny. Baby then becomes a popular ruler when everyone in Pangea come to respect him. When the dinosaur in a black coat returns, he demands that the Baby comes


Family Challenge

A cosmic calamity wrecks the Sinclairs' TV, which is fine... More by Fran, but Earl, hoping to win a new set, has the bright idea to have them appear on the game show ""Family Challenge"" to maybe win a new one.


I Never Ate for My Father

Earl signs Robbie into a Carnivore celebration festival, but Robbie... More is very outraged that his father putted him in that festival when he never told his family that he was actually a herbivore. When Fran and Earl find out that he is, they become sad with tears which left Earl no choice but to find Robbie and to teach him about the basic food chain life and the food life. Without knowing with mist and a hugh monster in there way, Robbie is eaten. Earl returns home to tell Fran about the tragedy but Fran demands Earl to go back and save Robbie from the monster. Earl and Fran returned to the misty forest where Robbie was eaten. Fran later told the monster that popped up to eat Earl. Earl enters the stomach of the monster, and the argument between father and son begins untill Earl realizes that he his smart enough to let his son Robbie eat whatever he wants. With a hug the monster who talks says 'cut it out'. Then Earl and Robbie have the smartest plan to get out of the monster's body with


Charlene's Tale

Charlene finally gets her tail grown, which whips up strange... More feelings in Earl, whose little girl is no longer so little. But makes him understand that she's capable of having her first tail grown.


Endangered Species

Earl buys Fran two grapdelites, a rare delicacy that they'll... More dine on for their anniversary, until Robbie meets the goodies and they explain that they are the last two of their kind. But later when B.P. Richfield finds out that Earl's got the grapdelites for his anniversary, he demands to get it from him or else theres a deadly consequence for him.


Employee of the Month

Earl thinks he's moving up the ladder as he and... More the family await a dinner with Richfield, while Robbie brings home a ""pet"" human, who's several evolutionary rungs below the Sinclairs.


When Food Goes Bad

Baby just caused alot of drama after opening the refrigerador... More when General Chow told him a lie in order ot take over the Sinclair house. Charlene gets a warning message that she must order his demands untill Robbie hears the news the two both immediatelly try to find Baby but are captured by Chow and his gang of food. Charlene then has the plan to let chow touch the Baby's cheek for him to blast and attack the food, ordering Chow and his food to go back in the refrigerador. Meanwhile; Earl is trying get closer with Fran again on a romantic date, but is ruined when Earl uses 'Numbgum"" for his mout to be very numb after accidently leaving his 'Dino-Mint' at home with the Baby.


Career Opportunities

Robbie searches to find a first ever career opportunity for... More him to prove that he's grown and that can he can handle with hit. When the Job Wizard gives him the job of ""tree-pushing"" Robbie isn't comfortable, but makes Earl feel happy that he can finally spend time helping his son with his new job.


Unmarried ... With Children

Monica gets Fran thinking about the state of her union... More with Earl, and she addresses the issue by considering not renewing their marriage license.


How to Pick Up Girls

Robbies got the hots for a young attractive female dinosaur... More named Caroline Foxworth. But he's plan to woo her fails, so he turns to Spike for some help and when it get's ruined the two end going to jail and almost arrested. Luckily the police send Robbie and Spike home which brings Earl and Fran the arguments to the two. But what Earl doesn't realize is that Spike confesses that the females are causing alot of troubles with the males. Then fran comes and punishes Robbie untill furthur notice. Later Robbie finds out that Spikes been dating Caroline, which turns him to the point to confront him after all the trouble he went from him. But caroline isn't please and rejects Robbie.


Switched At Birth

A shocking secret is revealed when the Sinclair family acuses... More that Baby Sinclair is not there real baby. This makes Fran outraged to believe the story that she decides to go to the doctors to find the results of which baby is theres.The results is that the Molehill's baby is theres and the Sinclairs baby belongs to the Molehills. But it wasen't a happy ending for Fran when she battles to get Baby back into the family.


Refrigerator Day

The dinosaurs get a warm and fuzzy feeling as they... More celebrate the gift of cold storage, but what's a dinosaur (like Earl) to do when his fridge is repossessed?


What Sexual Harris Meant

Earl helps Fran's friend Monica get a job as a... More tree pusher, but she's no pushover when she's subjected to harassment by a predatory male who's the king of the double-entendre.


Fran Live

Fran gets a job on TV giving advice to dinosaurs... More with problems, giving Earl a problem in need of a solution: how to cope with a wife who works.


Power Erupts

Robbie comes up a excellent idea for his science project.... More He creates a project about 'power eruptions' when it becomes a popular hit around dinosaur world, the family expect more from him to be with Robbie with his sucessful project. But B.P. Richfield has a plan to make his worker Earl's son Robbies project become a worst rumor ever.


The Clip Show

A modern archaeologist documents the dinosaurs way of life and... More how things were when they came to the world actually before humans ever ruled the world and before they became extinct.


A New Leaf

After a big fight with Earl and Robbie, Robbie leaves... More the house to calm his nerves with Spike. The two end up eating strange plants that causes them to become happy. Later Robbie brings the plants to Earl, the next morning he becomes happy and the two become more silly. Earl later comes to work late, Richfield calls Earl to his office and fires him for good. Then Earl leaves the plant for Richfield. The family becomes very happy and silly except for Fran and Baby. Fran demands that Earl goes back to get his job back immediately. But to find out Richfield was into the plants to. Fran and Baby decided that they couldn't take anymore of the situation and went to Monica's house for the others to straighting up and get themselves together. Earl, Robbie and Charlene both calmed down and were back to normal.


The Last Temptation of Ethel

Earl thinks Ethyl has died, and he takes the opportunity... More to bury her. But to his chagrin, she's sent back from the great beyond with the lowdown on the afterlife.


Nuts To War (1)

Part 1: Robbie is selected to go into the 'Nuts... More To War' war. But Fran is still worried about Robbie and is worried and scared to death that Robbie will be killed in the war. So she decides to let Earl and Roy go to the battlefield and immediately check on Robbie....


Nuts To War (2)

Part 2: Conclusion. In this second part of the extravaganza,... More Earl, Roy, and Charlene pose as entertainers and rush to the front to retrieve Robbie, because it looks like this war thing is getting a little bit out of hand. Earl tires to immediately stop Robbie from going through with the war, but Robbie ignored his own father. The following day Robbie returned home after an anxious family prayed that he was safe and survived the war.


And The Winner Is...

Earl throws his hat into the ring as a candidate... More for Chief Elder, but he's liable to have his head handed to him by his opponent, B. P. Richfield.


Slave to Fashion

Charlene wants to make a fashion statement with a very... More expensive new coat, but the coat can speak for itself (really), and it leads her into a vain attempt to achieve status.


Leader of the Pack

When Robbie can't beat a gang of hoods (who keep... More beating him), he joins them, and they make him the leader of the pack after it's assumed he's eaten the old one.


WESAYSO Knows Best

Earl's a real company man -- in fact he might... More as well be married to it -- after Wesayso insists Roy replace Earl as the father of the Sinclairs, who are selected as Wesayso's spokesfamily.

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