Girls: Season 2

Girls: Season 2

Girls: Season 2

Season 2 opens with Hannah throwing a housewarming party with brand-new roommate Elijah, but is finding it hard to move on when she’s still playing nurse to Adam. Marnie gets bad news at work, and Jessa returns from her honeymoon.

Golden Globe winner for Best Comedy Actress (Dunham) in 2013.
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13 January 2013

It's About Time

Hannah throws a housewarming party with brand-new roommate Elijah, but it’s hard to move on when she’s still playing nurse to Adam. Marnie gets bad news at work and a visit from her mom; Shoshanna... MORE avoids Ray at the party; and sun-kissed Jessa returns from her honeymoon.

20 January 2013

I Get Ideas

Hannah gets unsolicited musical attention from heartbroken Adam and displeasing opinions on her writing from Sandy. Elijah questions his sexuality; Marnie makes a career compromise when her curatorial dreams are crushed; Jessa revels in married... MORE life; Shoshanna and Ray make magic; and Elijah and Marnie harbor a secret.

27 January 2013

Bad Friend

On a freelance writing assignment to get out of her comfort zone, Hannah befriends the junkie downstairs and parties hard with Elijah, who reveals an explosive secret. Meanwhile, Marnie has a long awaited run-in with... MORE artist Booth Jonathan.

2 February 2013

It's a Shame About Ray

Hannah concentrates on preparing to host her first dinner party and Marnie confronts her ex-boss, Audrey. Meanwhile, Jessa meets her new in-laws and Shoshanna takes her relationship with Ray to the next phase.

10 February 2013

One Man's Trash

Even Hannah is surprised when she's attracted to a fortysomething doctor and his life of unspectacular stability.

17 February 2013


Marnie is asked to act as hostess for an art party thrown by Booth Jonathan and Hannah signs a publishing contract for e-books. Meanwhile, Adam manages to convince Ray to join him on an adventure.

24 February 2013

Video Games

Hannah goes along with Jessa to visit her estranged father, his alternative girlfriend and her teen son in Upstate New York.

3 March 2013

It's Back

Hannah tries to hide mounting anxiety about her book from her visiting parents (Becky Ann Baker and Peter Scolari). Marnie is stunned to learn that Charlie has started a successful app company; at AA, Adam... MORE meets a boisterous woman (Carol Kane) who coaxes him into dating her daughter, Natalia (Shiri Appleby); and Ray’s aversion to college parties gives Shoshanna pause.

10 March 2013

On All Fours

Hannah's deadline worries and pressure from her publisher weigh heavily on her mind; Adam and his new girlfriend have a misunderstanding; Shoshanna avoids Ray at Charlie's work party; Marnie makes a move toward her future.

17 March 2013


In the Season 2 finale, Hannah attempts to write her book in one day so her publisher doesn't sue her. Meanwhile, Ray tries to impress Shoshanna with a bold career move; and Marnie gets the... MORE wrong idea about Charlie.