Hidden Assets: Season 1

Hidden Assets: Season 1

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A routine raid led by Emer Berry, a detective in the Irish Criminal Assets Bureau, reveals that a small-time drug dealer has been receiving substantial funding from a seemingly untraceable source – not in cash, but in rough diamonds. When these diamonds are linked to a series of bombings in Belgium, Emer is forced to work with Police Commissioner Christian De Jong.

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Episode 1

Det Sergeant Emer Berry of the CAB leads a raid... More on a criminals house in Co Clare, while there, She discovers deeds and diamonds linking the Homeowner to a terrorist attack in Antwep.


Episode 2

Darren's killers escape, while Christian tells Emer further bombings are... More expected. Billionaire Richard Melnick shows the Antwerp site for his new European headquarters to his son


Episode 3

Diamonds are found in Fionn Brannigan's offices and Emer links... More this to the bombings and warns him his life is in danger. Christian learns Hadi has been beaten by a fellow officer


Episode 4

Emer heads to Antwerp to help search for Fionn Brannigan,... More but just as the case seems to have hit a dead end, the discovery of a body and a forensics breakthrough changes everything


Episode 5

While her team follows the money trail in Ireland, Emer... More and Christian discover the identity of the bombers. An unexpected source provides the investigation with vital information


Episode 6

With Bibi now in custody, Emer and Christian face a... More desperate race against time to stop the final bombing and uncover who was really behind the terror campaign

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We see signs from the first moments that it’ll be twisty and keep our interest, even if there isn’t a ton of character development.

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The Times

The Times

Theoretically an atmospheric thriller embedded in several societies at once should create a richly cosmopolitan experience... what we actually get is a story that’s just all over the place.

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Hidden Assets: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Acorn.