Hollington Drive: Season 1

Hollington Drive: Season 1

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Sisters Theresa and Helen attempt to keep hold of their lives after a kid in their neighbourhood goes missing in this four-part thriller.


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Episode 1

On a Summer evening in the seemingly idyllic suburb of... More Hollington Drive, 10-year-old Alex Boyd is declared missing. Sisters and social pillars within the community, Theresa and Helen, struggle to hold their lives and their families together in the wake of this tragedy. Secrets and lies begin to surface and long held facades falter as grief rips through Hollington Drive.


Episode 2

Theresa and Helen are still trying to piece together the... More kids’ conflicting accounts of the day of Alex’s disappearance. But, before they can make sense of it, Hollington Drive is rocked once again by a tragic announcement - the moment the entire neighbourhood has been silently anticipating; a body has been found.


Episode 3

Panic is rising as the police make their first arrest... More based on the false information Theresa knowingly provided. Even as she prepares to be honoured at the Regional Business Awards, Theresa’s thoughts are elsewhere. While she continues to withdraw, Fraser is running out of patience – he wants to know what is going on with her, and with their relationship.


Episode 4

As Colin Chiswick is released from custody and the police... More resume their investigation, an emboldened Theresa is more determined than ever to pursue the truth for herself, even if it means destroying relationships in the process. Will she finally discover what happened – what tragic sequence of events led to Alex’s death – or will an unsolved mystery hang like a dark cloud over Hollington Drive?

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Hollington Drive: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand now on TVNZ On Demand.