Killing Eve: Season 3

Killing Eve: Season 3

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Season three picks up from the finale of series two where - after two seasons of a sexually charged game of cat-and-mouse - MI6 agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) was gunned down by Villanelle (Jodie Comer). Adapted from Luke Jennings' book series, this season is written by Suzanne Heathcote (Fear the Walking Dead, See).


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Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey

Eve attempts to rebuild her life after being shot and... More left for dead in Rome by Villanelle. Believing she killed Eve, Villanelle begins to move on...


Management Sucks

Eve and Carolyn struggle to deal with their grief. Meanwhile,... More Villanelle is sent to infiltrate a childrens' birthday party.


Meetings Have Biscuits

Villanelle agrees to a job which will take her back... More to London; Carolyn's Moscow contacts come in use when Eve and the Bitter Pill team unravel a potential lead to The Twelve.


Still Got It

Eve is trying to patch things up with Niko; Villanelle... More receives good news about her upcoming promotion but can't shake the feeling there's still something missing from her life.


Are You From Pinner?

Villanelle returns home to Mother Russia to try to find... More her family. Perhaps a new connection to her roots will give her back what has been missing in her life.


End of Game

Eve finds a lead with might bring her closer... More to Villanele.


Beautiful Monster

Eve is focused on Villanelle's whereabouts; Villanelle and Dasha work... More together on a kill.


Episode 8

Season Finale: Konstantin makes a break for it. Carolyn might... More have finally found what she's looking for. Eve and Villanelle try to work out what the future may hold for them.

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Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

Oh, it’s not all bad. The show is committed to fascinating female characters—and it’s particularly rewarding to watch Oh perform her character’s deep grief and despair, lending surprising dignity to her disheveled sweatpants and plastic bags. But something about the humor skews horribly wrong.

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TV Guide

TV Guide

To quote the great Michael Keaton in Multiplicity, "you know sometimes you make a copy of a copy, it's not quite as sharp as, well, the original?" That's what Killing Eve now feels like: a copy of its former self.

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The Guardian

The Guardian

Like the second series, it is still a high-quality, high-wire act, but it cannot quite match the verve and wit of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s original episodes.

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It’s as though the show, like Villanelle herself, is maybe a little bit burned out.

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

A return to form in many ways, but its plotting issues remain.

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If Season 1 was the honeymoon and Season 2 an ensuing rough patch, then Season 3 is the marriage itself — reliable, flawed, and held together by love.

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