Kura: Season 2

Kura: Season 2

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In the new season of the New Zealand drama, which sees Billy-John living with the decision to stay in small-town Papakura, he must now contend with his 'black sheep' uncle who comes home looking for his lost stash of drugs.

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Episode 1

Billy-John returns home after bailing on the idea of heading... More to the Gold Coast. But can he get his life back on track in Papakura? And what will he do when Uncle Trev comes knocking?


Episode 2

After a long stint of waiting for his weed to... More arrive in the GC, Uncle Trev decides to come back to Kura and get it himself. But unfortunately for him... it's all gone.


Episode 3

After discovering that Billy and Hotene smoked all his weed,... More Trev sets the boys some slightly dubious tasks in exchange for the IOUs, and cuts a deal with an old friend on a stolen car.


Episode 4

After finding out that the stolen car belonged to Trinity's... More Koro, Billy-John has an attack of conscience and sets about trying to get the car back. But Billy's new criminal antics may prove too much for his and Hotene's friendship.


Episode 5

Trev says he'll help Billy come up with a plan... More to steal the car back from Rolf, while Hotene challenges Paul to a big race to decide who'll take out employee of the month.


Episode 6

Things don't go to plan with getting the car back... More and Billy finds himself in some serious trouble.

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Kura: Season 2 is available to stream in New Zealand now on TVNZ+.