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Australian drama series inspired by the best selling book by John Ibrahim, highlighting his experiences as a nightclub owner in... More

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Last King of the Cross: Season 1 is available to... More stream in New Zealand now on Three Now.

Last King of the Cross: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Episode 1

Wide-eyed teen John Ibrahim is eager to emulate his older... More brother Sam, a legendary enforcer in Kings Cross. He follows his brother into the most exotic red-light district — a jungle with no laws, but rigid rules and hierarchy.

Episode 1.2

Episode 2

As John recovers from his stabbing, he begins to turn... More his dreams of being a nightclub owner into a reality — but as he is drawn deeper into the shadows of Kings Cross, it becomes chillingly clear that no favours come for free.

Episode 1.3

Episode 3

As the war between John and Fat George escalates, the... More introduction of cocaine begins to imbalance the delicate ecosystem of Kings Cross.

Episode 1.4

Episode 4

As the world of Kings Cross changes, John must adapt... More or die – but Nasa would rather bring everything down than face being put out to pasture. John learns that to rise in the world of Kings Cross, sometimes you have to leave others behind.


Episode 5

In the wake of Nasa Kalouri's murder, a fracture grows... More between the two Ibrahim brothers as one spirals into ritual cocaine abuse and the other has their alliances tested.


Episode 6

As Sam finds fraternity in a new chosen family, John... More is left to repel the advancing threat of Bui Doi as the Vietnamese gang look to take over Kings Cross.


Episode 7

John is in a race against time to save Sam... More from a contract killer, but the Royal Commission into police corruption leaves John with few allies to trust.


Episode 8

As all the major players of Kings Cross are brought... More to the witness stand, loyalties are questioned, allies are betrayed, and the Royal Commission changes Kings Cross forever.


Episode 9

As the fallout from the Royal Commission and Ezra and... More Tien's partnership brings a new world order to Kings Cross, the Ibrahim brothers have two starkly different views on where they fit in the jungle.


Episode 10

As John aspires to escape Kings Cross for good, the... More bombing of Ezra's Bentley and his subsequent revenge might make war unavoidable.

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