Maya and the Three: Season 1

Maya and the Three: Season 1

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A nine-part "animated event" from the director of The Book of Life, following a princess and three warrior companions who embark on a world-saving quest.  More

In a fantastical world, where magic turns the world and four kingdoms rule the lands, a brave and rebellious warrior princess named Maya is about to celebrate her 15th birthday and coronation. But everything changes when the gods of the underworld arrive and announce that Maya's life is forfeit to the God of War—a price she must pay for her family's secret past.

If Maya refuses, the whole world will suffer the gods’ vengeance. To save her beloved family, her friends, and her own life, Maya embarks on a quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy that foretells the coming of three great warriors who will help her defeat the gods and save humankind.

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Chapter 1: Quinceañera

On the day of Maya's coronation, an uninvited guest from... More the Underworld arrives with shocking news about her origins — then delivers a dire ultimatum.


Chapter 2: The Prophecy

A crushing loss sheds new light on an age-old prophecy,... More sending Maya on a far-flung quest to find three warriors who will help her save the world.


Chapter 3: The Rooster

On Luna Island, Maya looks for the Rooster Wizard but... More winds up with the seemingly ordinary Rico, who's said to be "The Greatest Wizard Who Ever Lived."


Chapter 4: The Skull

A search for the Jungle Lands' legendary Skull Archer leads... More Maya and Rico to a gifted warrior: the reclusive Chimi, known to locals as "Monstruo Blanco."


Chapter 5: The Puma

A burly Golden Mountain Barbarian named Picchu joins Maya's party... More as the third foretold warrior. Later that night, Zatz confronts Maya about her motives.


Chapter 6: Maya and the Three

Lord Mictlan’s army attacks Teca, but Maya and her friends... More fight back. When the gods return, a second battle reveals strengths they didn't know they had.


Chapter 7: The Divine Gate

Help springs from a surprising source when Maya and the... More Three come face-to-face with Lord Mictlan. In the end, a noble friend makes a selfless sacrifice.


Chapter 8: The Bat and the Owl

After flying from danger, a devastated Maya sends her friends... More to warn their kingdoms that Lord Mictlan is coming. Lady Micte opens her heart.


Chapter 9: The Sun and the Moon

A fateful battle begins in Teca between Lord Mictlan and... More his army and Maya and her allies. But how will it all end? In epic fashion.

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A sprawling, ambitious animated series that seizes every chance it gets to reveal new layers of storytelling and technical craft.

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It's not just that Maya and the Three is beautiful, it's that the show is beautiful in a distinctly Mexican way.

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A world that blends adventure, amazing fight scenes, and just enough goofiness...

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

Adeptly constructed and absolutely stunning...

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Maya and the Three: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Netflix.