Mind Over Murder: Miniseries

Mind Over Murder: Miniseries

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This HBO docuseries chronicles the bizarre and psychologically complex story of six individuals who were convicted for the 1985 murder of a beloved 68- year-old grandmother, Helen Wilson, in Beatrice, Nebraska.

2022Rating: R18USAVox Media Studios, HBO Documentary Films



Episode 1

1985. The murder of a devoted grandmother rocks Beatrice, NE.... More After all leads fall through, police seek out unlikely sources, including a psychic, until investigator Burt Searcey decides to tackle the case. In 2021, Beatrice residents channel their trauma into a play about the events and the eventual exoneration of six individuals known as the "Beatrice Six."


Episode 2

Four years after Helen Wilson's murder, investigator Burt Searcey makes... More a breakthrough in the case. Hoping for leniency for an unrelated crime, 23-year-old Tom Winslow implicates himself and two others, Joseph White and JoAnn Taylor. Then, law enforcement begins to piece together the events of the night of the murder, painting a chilling picture of Helen Wilson's final hours.


Episode 3

1989. As the defendants take the stand – and accept... More various plea deals – Joseph White maintains his innocence. Decades later, a new push for DNA testing brings about shocking results that many in Beatrice still refuse to believe. Then, in 2021, residents of Beatrice work to bring the court testimony to life through a theatrical performance in hopes of finding the truth.


Episode 4

After new DNA evidence surfaces, advocates push for a full... More exoneration of the Beatrice Six. As Burt Searcey's investigative methods come under fire, a new story focused on the heinous actions of a killer – and the human toll of an investigation gone wrong – emerges.


Episode 5

As the once-accused Beatrice Six prepare to re-enter society, one... More of the exonerated remains convinced of their involvement in the crime despite scientific evidence to the contrary. While many people in town strongly believe the six are guilty, a civil case raises troubling questions about law enforcement's use of coercive tactics to illicit false memories and confessions.


Episode 6

In the aftermath of a landmark civil judgment, the town... More of Beatrice grapples with the fallout of a miscarriage of justice.

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Bizarre, tragic and compelling in equal measure. Go in for the true crime investigation. Leave with renewed ideas about small-town trauma, psychological biases, and the power of community theatre.

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Wall Street Journal

It’s a sad, weird and totally absorbing story...

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

More interesting as a portrait of the power of art than as a true-crime docuseries.

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Mind Over Murder: Miniseries is available to stream in New Zealand now on Neon.