Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Season 2

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Season 2

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Essie Davis (The Babadook) is 1920s super sleuth Phryne Fisher in this Australian murder mystery series based on the novels by Kerry Greenwood.

2013AustraliaEvery Cloud Productions



Murder Most Scandalous

When Deputy Commissioner George Sanders, Jack's ex-father-in-law, is implicated in... More a murder of a prostitute, Jack becomes determined to clear his name. He also has to deal with the reappearance of his ex-wife Rosie. Meanwhile, Phryne tries to perfect her fan dance, so she can go undercover at a gentleman's club run by Madam Lyon.


Death Comes Knocking

Phryne ends up playing host to some ghostly soldiers and... More exotic spiritualists. Aunt Prudence becomes swept up in the new spiritualist fad and gets a famous psychic to contact her dead godson.


Dead Man's Chest

Buried treasure and pirate legends bubble to the surface in... More the seaside holiday town of Queenscliff and Phryne finds herself at the pointy end of a Spanish dagger.



When a gang leader is found dead outside a travelling... More boxing tent, Phryne's investigation leads her into the dangerous but thrilling world of fight rigging and tribal payback.


Murder A La Mode

Set in the Fleuri sisters' exclusive fashion salon at the... More 'Paris end' of Collins Street. When Phryne arrives at Madame Fleuri's for a fitting, she unexpectedly finds herself amidst a crime scene. The salon's benefactor has been found impaled on her own hairpiece in the sumptuous powder room, and everyone present is a suspect! Phryne uses her innate understanding of haute couture fashion to help Jack uncover an elaborate scheme.


Marked for Murder

Inspired by a Kerry Greenwood short story and set amidst... More the passion and fanaticism of 1929 Australian Rules Football. When Phryne is duped into investigating the coach's missing 'lucky cap', she discovers a gruesome murder instead - the local team Captain is found hanging by a rival team's scarf and it seems at first a clear - cut case of murderous sabotage.


Blood at the Wheel

When the driver of the ladies' motorcar rally team is... More found dead in her roadster, Phryne is up in arms struggling to convince Jack that her friend's death was no accident.


The Blood of Juana the Mad

Now estranged, Phryne and Jack step around each other to... More investigate a murder and the disappearance of a valuable manuscript.


Framed for Murder

Phryne journeys into the twilight world of silent movies. When... More a lead actor and a director are murdered, Phryne steps in to solve the crime and save the production.


Death on the Vine

When Phryne arrives at an idyllic vineyard to investigate a... More suspicious death, hostile townsfolk do everything they can to drive her out of town, and Hugh prepares for a perfect proposal.


Dead Air

There's a new wireless in the Fisher household, but there's... More a murder on the airwaves. Dot suffers the realisation that she doesn't want to relinquish working for Miss Fisher when she marries.


Unnatural Habits

The gothic world of a halfway house for pregnant &... More wayward girls sets the scene for the death of a teenager. Phryne & Jack realise the threads of the crime lead closer to home than they suspected.


Murder Under the Mistletoe

Phryne, Dot and Dr Mac accompany Aunt Prudence to a... More picturesque chalet to celebrate Christmas. When they arrive they find a resident dead and soon the body count starts to rapidly rise.

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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Season 2 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Acorn.