Mozart in the Jungle: Season 4

Mozart in the Jungle: Season 4

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As Rodrigo and Hailey navigate the status of their new relationship, a world-renowned choreographer invites Rodrigo to collaborate on a new ballet.

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The Boyfriend

As Rodrigo and Hailey navigate the status of their new... More relationship. She gives her Ensemble a fresh direction. Thomas steals Gloria away from work for some afternoon romance. And a world-renowned choreographer (John Cameron Mitchell) invites Rodrigo to collaborate on a new ballet.


If I Was An Elf, I Would Tell You

Hailey returns home to North Carolina to teach a master... More class at her high school and finds her parents have some surprising news. Gloria gloats about a very important guest set to visit the NY Symphony and Thomas gets a visit from a fan with an intriguing offer.


Significant Lover

After a disastrous night at the NY Symphony, Gloria finds... More herself in a PR whirlwind, having to re-secure a major donor. Rodrigo becomes fascinated with the ballet, while Hailey tries to make some professional connections without his help.


An Honest Ghost

On a mission to talk to Mozart, Rodrigo visits an... More unusual classical music collector (Michael Emerson) who might have what he needs. Hailey gets an exciting conducting opportunity, but has to prove she is up for the challenge. Thomas discovers the missing ingredient for the Queens Phil and invites Cynthia along for the ride.


The Coach

Rodrigo distracts himself from the Requiem as he dives deeper... More into coaching Hailey for her big gig. Gloria gets a visit from a famous composer, eager to premiere his latest piece with the NY Symphony, but Thomas thinks his knows of a better fit. Despite doctor's orders, Cynthia returns to playing with renewed vigor.


Domo Arigato

Hailey faces off against new peers at the Fukusoft Conducting... More Competition in Japan. Rodrigo meets a new composer who claims to know more about Mozart than he does. Gloria tries to eclipse Betty in her fight for Fukumoto's attention, and Thomas is reluctantly reunited with an old flame.


We're Not Robots

Rodrigo's calls out for Mozart. The conducting competition heats up... More for Hailey, despite her early success. In their toughest moments, they reach out for each other. Meanwhile, Gloria and Thomas finally have it out over the secrets they've been keeping.


Ichi Go Ichi E

Before saying goodbye to Japan, Rodrigo and Hailey experience a... More tea ceremony.


I Want You To Think Of Me

Rodrigo and Hailey return home to find their lives changed.... More Meanwhile, Gloria and Thomas are back too, but it's business as usual with them as the showdown over Hesby's piece intensifies.



The premiere Hesby's new piece doesn't go exactly as planned.... More Hailey recommits herself to the music. Cynthia finds solace in her new endeavors. Rodrigo must make a choice about his role in the orchestra.

Mozart in the Jungle: Season 4 | Awards

Award Winner
Golden Globe winner for Best Comedy Series and Best Comedy Actor (Gael Garcia Bernal), 2016.

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Mozart in the Jungle: Season 4 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Prime Video.