Mystic: Season 1

Mystic: Season 1

Mystic: Season 1

A London-raised teen moves to New Zealand, dreading her boring new life on the countryside. But things take a turn when a mysterious horse shows up...

2020New Zealand
DramaKids & Family

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The Outsider

Londoner Issie’s boring new life in New Zealand suddenly gets exciting when she encounters a frightened horse running through the wilderness.


The Bond

Issie discovers that rescue horse Blaze has life-threatening injuries. When Tom insists that Blaze is impossible to tame and can't be saved, Issie refuses to give up on her.


The Sacrifice

At the stables' Family Fun Day, the kids compete with rivals Dulmoth Park. Issie's visions become hard to ignore and her reckless behaviour endangers her future at the stables.


The Tides

Issie looks for Mystic on a remote beach and finds buried treasure, which could be connected to her visions. And secrets are revealed when she and Caleb get trapped together on the beach.


The Revenge

Issie attends a party at the local marae and humiliates herself by taking her revenge against Natasha too far. Meanwhile, Dan's grandmother may hold the key to Issie's shipwreck vision.


The Lost Herd

Issie gets a new vision of Mystic running through the forest along an old railway track and wonders if this might be the clue that will lead her to Blaze's herd. After some encouragement, Issie... MORE decides to ride out on Blaze to find the tracks, and Caroline, Caleb, Dan and Natasha join her on the mission. As they journey deeper into the forest, past their favourite swimming hole, the kids make a series of bewildering discoveries and eventually realise they're completely and utterly lost. With one of the gang's future ambitions at stake, they face a race against time to ...


The Switch

Issie rides Blaze in the Cross-Country Trials against rivals Dulmoth Park - but is Caroline really fit enough to compete? And who spooked Blaze right before Issie's ride?


The Storm

A storm sees the kids staying over at the stables, Natasha takes a chance in her friendship with Dan, Issie discovers the truth about Hexronn and the gang launch a campaign.


The Secret

Hexron tries to get Kauri Point's support at the council meeting. Izzie is publicly shamed when her hard past is revealed. Kauri Point relationships are all strained.


The Discovery

The kids travel to a remote farm after intercepting a mysterious message. They come face to face with the horse rustler and discover the whereabouts of the Kauri Point Herd.


The Claim

Dan is forced to step up when there's an emergency at the stables, Natasha joins the Dulmoth Park team and Issie's distraught when Blaze's legal owner comes to claim her.


The Truth

Issie and the gang target Frankie in an attempt to find out where Blaze is. Secrets about Hexronn and the wild herd are revealed.


The Return

Issie and the gang race against time to find the wild herd and save the forest.