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A 70-year-old going against his family's wishes and a 23-year-old dancer with financial hardships come together and make their ballet... More

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Navillera: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand... More now on Netflix.

Navillera: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Episode 1

A devastating loss and an unfulfilled dream lead Sim Deok-chul... More to a ballet studio. Lee Chae-rok's real-life troubles disrupt his training.

Episode 1.2

Episode 2

Deok-chul is eager to prove his capabilities as a student... More and manager. A dismayed Chae-rok agrees to teach him under one condition.

Episode 1.3

Episode 3

Deok-chul helps Chae-rok fend off an antagonizer and a cold,... More while Chae-rok backs Deok-chul’s decision to pursue ballet despite his wife’s disapproval.

Episode 1.4

Episode 4

A downhearted Deok-chul gives in to his family’s protests over... More his new hobby. Chae-rok quits his part-time job to prepare for an upcoming competition.


Episode 5

Sim Eun-ho gathers the courage to search for her true... More source of joy. Deok-chul and Choi Hae-nam invite a nervous Chae-rok into their warm home.


Episode 6

Yang Ho-beom takes a spiteful jab at Chae-rok, who steps... More closer to his goal. Ki Seung-joo advises Chae-rok against a possibly career-ending move.


Episode 7

Hae-nam calls Chae-rok for help when Deok-chul goes missing. Seung-joo... More and Deok-chul inspire Chae-rok with personal stories of setbacks and recovery.


Episode 8

Chae-rok is devastated to learn of Deok-chul's diagnosis. Following a... More doctor's appointment, Deok-chul loses his way walking back to the ballet studio.


Episode 9

Sim Seong-gwan finds inspiration for his documentary close to home.... More Determined to help Deok-chul take to the stage, Chae-rok trains him for an audition.


Episode 10

Lee Mu-yeong offers Ho-beom his belated apology and encouragement. Out... More of concern for Deok-chul's health, Chae-rok tells him to quit learning ballet.


Episode 11

Sim Seong-san is forced to take the fall for a... More mishap at work. Deok-chul and Chae-rok practice for their duet performance.


Episode 12

On the day of the ballet gala, Deok-chul is advised... More against performing, but Chae-rok is set on helping him achieve his dream of soaring onstage.

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