Nurses: Season 2

Nurses: Season 2

Nurses: Season 2

Set in Toronto, this drama follows five young nurses working on the frontlines of a busy hospital, dedicating their lives to helping others while struggling to help themselves.

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30 April 2021

Episode 1

A hospital is a battlefield, as our 5 favourite nurses attack another season. But there's a new General in town - Nurse Manager Kate Faulkner, who's going to give them all a run for their... MORE money.

30 April 2021

Episode 2

It's a typically crazy day at St. Mary's when an Amber Alert rings out, but unbeknownst to our nurses the perpetrator and the abducted child are in the hospital.

30 April 2021

Episode 3

Hospitals are no stranger to the things that keep us up at night or the secrets we keep, as the strange gets stranger on the night shift at St Mary's.

30 April 2021

Episode 4

A high-profile surgical case brings Grace and Ashley into conflict over whether or not the surgeon is capable of performing the surgery.

30 April 2021

Episode 5

When a tragic accident at a concert suddenly puts St Mary's in a Code Orange, our nurses will realise how important it is to have someone in your corner, because no one should be alone.

30 April 2021

Episode 6

Ghosts from the past make a day at St Mary's especially trying for our nurses as they're each confronted by people or things they've tried to leave behind.

30 April 2021

Episode 7

It's Nursing Week and St Mary's nurses and patients alike are confronted by the fact that everyone has a hidden side, and that nothing can be taken at face value.

30 April 2021

Episode 8

Assigned to the Burn Unit, Naz and Grace are pushed to their limits as nurses - and friends - when they disagree over how to deal with a critically burned patient who's in danger of... MORE losing his will to live.

30 April 2021

Episode 9

With uncertainty in their personal lives and a pandemic on the horizon, our nurses each deal with people longing for wishes to come true for their health or their loved ones, but they’re wishes that... MORE may not be in the power of a nurse to grant.

30 April 2021

Episode 10

With both patients and the whole healthcare system on the brink of tragic events, the St. Mary's nursing team must put their own struggles aside to help those with everything on the line.