Obituary: Season 1


In this Irish crime series, an obituarist working at a small-town newspaper suddenly finds herself being paid per obituary due... More

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Obituary: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand... More now on TVNZ+.

Obituary: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Death Becomes Her

When Elvira’s editor informs her that she will be paid... More per article, she begins murdering people to avoid going broke. Her plans are shaken when she falls for the crime reporter.

Episode 1.2


Elvira targets someone sending her poison pen letters as Emerson’s... More real reason for coming to town is revealed - he’s trying to solve the murder of Maria Riedle in the local woods.

Episode 1.3

Stay of Execution

Elvira finds herself blackmailed by a teenager who saw her... More murder her first victim. Ward goes to AA while Hughie catches a break when he finds the rifle used to kill Maria Riedle.

Episode 1.4

Weapons of Minor Destruction

Desperate to prove to herself that she is not a... More monster, Elvira pursues a drunk driver released from jail who mowed down a father and daughter.


Wild Goose Chase

Elvira decides on whether or not to kill her friend... More as Mallory reveals that she has information that Elvira may be involved in a murder. Hughie sends Emerson on a wild goose chas.


Body Count

When Ward reveals what really happened the night Maria Riedle... More was killed, Elvira sets about framing Hughie for the crime. A surprise face returns to Kilraven.

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