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The trials and tribulations of the very large, colorful and imperfect Braverman family.

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Parenthood: Season 6 is available to stream in New Zealand... More now on TVNZ+.

Parenthood: Season 6 episodes

Episode 6.1


Zeek enjoys a birthday trip to Las Vegas. Amber finds... More it hard to deal with being an adult.

Episode 6.2

Happy Birthday, Zeek

Kristina wants to meet the one on one needs of... More her students. The school's lunch vendor, suddenly quits. Zeek has to make a decision regarding his health. Sarah doesn't know how to deal with Amber's news.

Episode 6.3

The Waiting Room

Julia has a chat with Joel about their future relationship.... More Amber gains support from Drew about her future. Sarah attempts to become close to Ruby. Camille and the kids await news about Zeek.

Episode 6.4

A Potpourri of Freaks

Max makes a new friend while Sarah tries to figure... More out her place in Ruby's life.


The Scale of Affection Is Fluid

Max has to look for some common ground with his... More new friend. Amber is left smitten after unexpected connection.


Too Big to Fail

Crosby feels stressed as things slow down at the Luncheonette.... More Amber helps salvage a game night. Drew wonders about his future.


These Are the Times We Live In

Amber wants to prove herself as a mother, when she... More is offered a chance to watch Nora and Max, she agrees. Julia and Joel approach a final decision.


Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped

Max begins a propaganda campaign against another student after a... More heartbreaking discovery. Crosby is feeling like a failure when Jasmine gets a job. Ruby breaks Hank's trust.


Lean In

Tensions increase between Dylan and Max bringing Kristina and Adam... More into the conflict.


How Did We Get Here?

Zeek is rushed to the hospital and the entire family... More hurries to his side. As Adam and Crosby nervously await news of Zeek's health, a serious emergency at The Luncheonette pulls them away. At the hospital, Joel sticks by Julia, offering unwavering support, and further blurring the lines of their relationship.


Let's Go Home

Zeek and Camille discover a bundle of old rolls of... More film, and they ask Max to develop the mysterious photos. Sarah overanalyzes Hank’s offer with Julia, and the sisters spew their relationship fears. Adam decides the future of the Luncheonette with Crosby, but Jasmine unexpectedly intervenes.


We Made It Through the Night

Camille and Zeek make a decision concerning Zeek's health. Sarah... More makes a big decision and shares some good news with her dad. Adam and Crosby clash over differing business opinions, and Adam stands his ground, deepening the tension between the brothers. Amber rushes to the hospital with labor pains, and the Bravermans flock to her side.


May God Bless and Keep You Always

In the excitement of her big day, Sarah surrounds herself... More with the original Braverman clan. Meanwhile, Hank approaches Zeek for his blessing and asks Drew for a special favor. Amber adjusts to life as a new mom with a little help from her grandparents. Julia and Joel get a phone call that forces a life-changing decision. Max gets his first job, while Crosby and Adam reach an understanding about the Luncheonette. Kristina presents Adam with a new plan for the future of Chambers Academy, and for their family.

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