Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - Season 1

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - Season 1

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - Season 1

In this animated series based on Capcom's beloved horror games, Leon S. Kennedy must survive a horse of zombies within the White House while Claire Redfield investigates the origins of a disturbing picture of Raccoon City drawn by a little boy.

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Episode 1

Now at an NGO in Penamstan, Claire discovers signs reminiscent... More of Raccoon City. Leon makes his way to the White House, unaware that it's under attack.


Episode 2

Leon, along with agents Jason and Shen May, embarks on... More a covert mission to infiltrate a research facility in Shanghai aboard a nuclear submarine.


Episode 3

Claire discovers a grim scene at the home of one... More of the last surviving members of the Mad Dogs Unit. Shen May warns Leon about an ominous conspiracy.


Episode 4

Secretary Wilson threatens Claire's life, demanding that she drop her... More investigation. Leon and Shen May rush to the vast subterranean bioweapons lab.

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Infinite Darkness does enough right to work as more than a zombie-kill montage and adds substantially to Resident Evil’s overall story.

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A.V. Club

A.V. Club

While far from a masterpiece, (Infinite Darkness) exceeds most expectations of a video game adaptation.

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