Secrets of the Whales: Season 1

Secrets of the Whales: Season 1

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Narrated by Sigourney Weaver, this four-part Emmy-winning National Geographic series dives into "the heart of whale culture" with a focus on five different species and their unique communities.

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Orca Dynasty

Orcas across the globe use unique strategies to stay on... More top of the food chain. Patagonia's whales catch sea lions off the beach, New Zealand's orcas root out hidden stingrays, and Norway's sea giants master the tail slap. Witness five powerful orca matriarchs pass down their family hunting traditions to the next generation, preserving their way of life before the customs are lost forever.


Humpback Song

In a classroom that spans the world's oceans, from Alaska's... More herring-rich coastline to Antarctica's feeding grounds, humpback calves learn their family's traditions. Cooperative hunting strategies, the longest migrations of any known mammal and communicating through complex songs to find a mate are all lessons absorbed by the younger generation.


Beluga Kingdom

Beluga whales share their northern kingdom in Greenland with a... More mysterious cousin: the narwhal. Both species begin a thrilling adventure through a maze of sea ice to their ancestral summering grounds in the Canadian Arctic. Even though they follow ancient migration routes, trouble lurks around every corner. From freezing environments to fierce predators, only their shared knowledge and power of family can get them through safely.


Ocean Giants

On an epic journey that spans the world's oceans in... More Dominica, the Azores and Sri Lanka, witness the complex culture of the gentle giants. Relying solely on the next generation's ability to learn their intricate ways, family culture and secrets, the sperm whales' future rests upon its youngest members.

Secrets of the Whales: Season 1 | Awards

Award Winner
Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series, Emmys 2021

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Strong, reasonably scientific and visually compelling.

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Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times

The sights and sounds in Secrets of the Whales are dazzling throughout, thanks in large part to the epic camerawork by Brian Skerry... there are times when it appears as if they’re looking right at us.

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Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

The show's impact has... everything to do with Brian Skerry's impossibly intimate photography of these creatures.

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Secrets of the Whales: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Disney+.