Sex and the City: Season 6

Sex and the City: Season 6

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Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis lead the classic Emmy-winning series following the professional and sexual lives of four New York friends in their late 30s.

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To Market, To Market

While nervously anticipating her first date with Berger, Carrie runs... More into Aidan for the first time since their breakup, and is surprised by how far he's moved on. Miranda realizes she's in love with Steve—only to hear he has a new girlfriend. Charlotte struggles with Harry's assertion that he can only marry a Jew. Samantha sleeps with a stockbroker who gives insider tips while inside her.


Great Sexpectations

Carrie and Berger's dates sizzle in the restaurants, but fizzle... More in the bedroom. Miranda becomes addicted to a British show featuring an interracial romance. A tenacious Charlotte pursues converting to Judaism for Harry. Samantha and the girls go to a cold-food restaurant where Samantha meets hot waiter Jerry Jerrod (Smith).


The Perfect Present

After Berger flips out and flips off his ex-girlfriend's answer-phone... More message, Carrie tries to not think about her influence on his life. Miranda finds condoms in Brady's diaper bag and gets upset with Steve. Newly converted Charlotte mourns the loss of Christmas. An on-the-job quickie with Samantha gets Smith fired from a catering gig.


Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little

Carrie feels bad for criticizing a minor point in Berger's... More book. When Berger teaches Miranda how to tell that a guy is "not that into her", she feels the need to spread the word to other women. Charlotte cooks her first Shabbat dinner for Harry. Samantha and Jerry act out all their sexual fantasies.


Lights, Camera, Relationship!

Carrie receives a big royalty check for her book sales,... More which upsets Berger— whose book deal has been dropped. A lovesick Miranda helps Steve bake cupcakes—for his new girlfriend. Charlotte is reluctant to date after Harry leaves her. Samantha takes charge of the PR for Jerry's struggling play where he gives a striking—and nude—performance.


Hop, Skip, and a Week

Berger tells Carrie that he needs a break from their... More relationship. Workaholic Miranda has to cut her hours at work in order to spend more time with Brady. Women from the synagogue compete to set Charlotte up with their single sons, but she runs into Harry at a singles night, and they realize they are meant to be together. PR Manager Samantha changes Jerry's name to Smith and gets him great exposure on a revealing billboard in Times Square.


The Post-It Always Sticks Twice

Berger returns, but then breaks up with Carrie with a... More Post-It note. Miranda finally loses all her baby-weight and rediscovers her "skinny jeans". Charlotte decides she wants a small wedding. Samantha is reluctant to be labeled as Smith's "girlfriend".


The Catch

Carrie finds that a casual fling with Harry's best man... More is a pain in the neck. Miranda is scared of meeting Steve's new girlfriend. After Harry accidentally sees Charlotte in her wedding dress before the big day, she is convinced their wedding is cursed. Self-sufficient Samantha struggles without a man around.


A Woman's Right to Shoes

Carrie's shoes are stolen at a party; the hostess (Tatum... More O'Neal) not only refuses to apologize, but shames her for her extravagant footwear — and lifestyle choices. Miranda gets chicken pox, and she flirts with the handsome black doctor who just moved into her building. Charlotte must adjust to living with Harry (and his tea bags) in her pristine apartment. Children misbehaving in nice restaurants annoy Samantha.


Boy, Interrupted

Carrie's high-school sweetheart visits her in New York—on his way... More to a mental asylum in Connecticut. Miranda develops a crush on her attractive neighbor Robert, the team doctor for the Knicks. In order to get into an exclusive pool at the SoHo House, Samantha pretends to be a member — and British. Geri Halliwell and David Duchovny guest-star.


The Domino Effect

Carrie shows strange signs of distress when Big needs heart... More surgery. Miranda gets close to her new boyfriend Robert, but is reluctant to introduce him to Steve. Reproductively-challenged Charlotte tries acupuncture in order to get pregnant. Samantha refuses to hold hands with Smith.



Carrie meets fifty-something Russian artist, Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov), at... More a gallery. Miranda's boyfriend Robert says "I love you" but she cannot say it back. Charlotte is delighted to discover she's pregnant — then devastated when she miscarries. After finding one gray hair down under, Samantha dyes her pubic hair with shocking results.


Let There Be Light

Carrie begins to feel attached to Aleksandr but cannot ignore... More his womanizing past. Together again, Steve moves into Miranda's apartment and finds it hard to avoid her angry ex-boyfriend Robert. Charlotte tries to forget her miscarriage by volunteering. Samantha accompanies Smith to an industry party hosted by Richard Wright.


The Ick Factor

Carrie finds Aleksandr's old-world romantic attention a little overwhelming. Miranda... More prepares for her non-traditional wedding to Steve. Charlotte and Harry's romantic French dinner leads to a night of the runs. Samantha considers a breast augmentation and receives some unexpected news.



Carrie discovers that Aleksandr has decided to not have any... More more children. Miranda and Steve go on their honeymoon to a remote inn in upstate New York. Baby Brady sees Charlotte and Harry having sex. Samantha uses Smith's fame to get her an appointment with a well-known female oncologist.


Out of the Frying Pan

Carrie gets upset at Aleksandr for being inconsiderate of her... More feelings about Samantha's cancer. When her new family outgrows her apartment, Miranda considers buying a house in Brooklyn. Charlotte receives a dog and names her Elizabeth Taylor. Samantha's hair falls out as a result of chemotherapy.


The Cold War

Aleksandr refuses to talk about his work or introduce Carrie... More to his friends. Miranda adjusts to life in Brooklyn. Charlotte decides to enter Elizabeth Taylor in a dog show. Samantha makes a sex tape with Smith after a tabloid reports that she's his "fag hag".



Petrovsky hosts a dinner party for Carrie's inner circle, and... More makes a shocking announcement. Later, the death of an old party friend (Kristen Johnston) helps Carrie reach a big decision.


An American Girl In Paris (Part Une)

Before joining the Russian in Paris, Carrie has one last... More dinner in New York with Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. However, life in the City of Light doesn't live up to her expectations. After being told-off by Carrie before the dinner, Big goes to girls for advice; they tell him to go to Paris and find their girl.


An American Girl In Paris (Part Deux)

Carrie is desperately lonely in Paris as Petrovsky is spending... More so much time on his new exhibit. The chemo treatments are killing Samantha's sex drive. Miranda must take care of Steve's mother after she has a stroke. Charlotte and Harry try to adopt a baby. Big finds Carrie in Paris and says the words she's been waiting six years to hear.

Sex and the City: Season 6 | Reviews

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New York Daily News

New York Daily News

Each of the four women in the show, like the show itself, has matured and improved with age.

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Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly

The show has always nailed the weird arithmetic of love: Each new relationship adds baggage, subtracts expectations, and recalculates one's outlook.

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San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

Few television series have willingly put a clock, biological or otherwise, on their characters like Sex and the City. Then again, few series care so much about being real, being authentically evolved as this one.

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The New Yorker

The New Yorker

The show always had a realpolitik directness about such social pressures; as another HBO series put it recently, winter was coming.

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The Times

The Times

I got to wondering: didn't we reach a climax in our relationship with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda sooner than any of us would dare to admit?

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Still functioned as a loud, oft-obscene call for agency among the marginalized.

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Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine

The leading ladies, however, are now so comfortable in their characters that they can draw laughs from even a weaker script.

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The Guardian

The Guardian

A brilliant, daring, pioneering show... What was most striking about seeing it again was its sharpness. The lines crackle with sly wit.

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