Sextortion: Season 1

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Kiwi comedian Thomas Sainsbury leads this political satire about a dithering conservative Christian politician who, just months before the 2020... More

Where to watch Sextortion: Season 1

Sextortion: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand... More now on TVNZ+.

Sextortion: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Chapter One: Gods Tears

At his policy launch, politician Darren receives a nasty surprise,... More a sex tape featuring him in the starring role.

Episode 1.2

Chapter Two: Family Values

Dominatrix Shona lets slip that she’s working for someone who... More wants change not money.

Episode 1.3

Chapter Three: Sinner for Dinner

Political fixer Hari discovers a business card that might just... More lead them to the mastermind.

Episode 1.4

Episode 4

With the public becoming aware of a political sex scandal... More the pressure mounts.


Episode 5

It's time for the electoral debate - can Darren hold... More his nerve as his world crumbles around him?


Episode 6

It's election day. Darren must bury his demons and make... More peace with his past.

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New Zealand

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