Shepherdess: Three Women on the Land

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A celebration of rural women living in provincial Aotearoa. Building on the popular magazine's values, and proudly lead by a... More

Where to watch Shepherdess: Three Women on the Land

Shepherdess: Three Women on the Land is available to stream... More in New Zealand now on Neon.

Shepherdess: Three Women on the Land episodes

Episode 1.1


In the community of Tokanui, we meet a young mother... More who shears thousands of sheep, a Welshwoman who runs a design store, and a former social worker who's now a traditional healer.

Episode 1.2


We meet the octogenarian in charge of Ophir's postal service,... More the entrepreneur serving French classics with a Kiwi twist, and the craftswoman turning old fabric into baby products.

Episode 1.3


Claire Edwards and her partner are on a mission to... More change NZ's relationship with kaimoana. Kiri Elworthy runs the three-day Tora Coastal Walk. Fiona Firth endures a long commute to save lives.

Episode 1.4


A former lawyer sets up a coffee cart in an... More old horse float. A mother-of-four swaps roles with her husband and becomes the breadwinner. An English expat finds her calling in Porangahau.



On Awakino Station, Jaz Mathisen cooks for the shepherds with... More her three daughters by her side. Taieri Hore spends her retirement riding horses. Chloe Lodge works to build Kurow's art scene.


Upper Moutere

A freelance chef fills orders from her own commercial kitchen... More and garden. Two generations grow peonies and saffron on their family farm. An artist uses embroidery in her masterpieces.