Sneakerheads: Season 1

Sneakerheads: Season 1

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A stay-at-home dad and former sneaker addict is forced back into the game of hunting rare kicks after one of his old friend's schemes leaves him out of pocket. Created by the writer of Uncle Drew.




100% Pure Adrenaline

A deception begins when Devin sneaks off for a special... More pair of size 13s and finds a long line, his old friend Bobby and other rude surprises.


Hustling Backwards

Nori gives the guys a flipping master class. Bobby pitches... More a quest to find a legendary — and lucrative — pair of sneakers that may or may not exist.


The Match

A wake-up call at work links Devin back up with... More Nori, Bobby and Stuey — plus an A-list celebrity he hates. A tense tennis match yields a big score.


CSI: Sandwich

A sketchy source comes through with a tantalizing clue, leading... More the group to an unsavory encounter with a sandwich shop owner — and Christine.


Jason F**king Statham

After unboxing cryptic new hints, Bobby and Devin fly to... More Hong Kong to find a one-of-a-kind boy band fan. Christine goes on a hunt of her own.


Dick Pic

Back in LA, Devin, Bobby, Nori and Stuey hit the... More pavement in search of their payday — and make some much more valuable discoveries.

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The Guardian

The Guardian

For outsiders, it is all fairly niche and insular, but if you are a sneakerhead, this is custom-made for you.

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

Overall, Sneakerheads is a mixed bag. ... It's boosted by a strong sense of the argot of the sneaker-collecting world and a likable central turn from Allen Maldonado, but with an ultra-brief six-episode season, the show's struggles to bring dimension to its female characters and an icky vein of homophobia really stand out.

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It’s all fun enough, but by the fourth time Bobby’s schemes go awry and Devin says he’s done with the whole thing, “Sneakerheads” has really wrung every drop of inspiration from its exhausted premise.

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Sneakerheads: Season 1 | Release Details

Sneakerheads: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Netflix.