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In this HBO comedy starring Bridget Everett (Patti Cake$), an increasingly unmoored Sam is grieving the loss of her sister... More

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Somebody Somewhere: Season 1 is available to stream in New... More Zealand now on Neon.

Somebody Somewhere: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1


When the devastation of her sister Holly’s death trickles into... More her workplace, Sam finds an unexpected connection with her coworker Joel. Later, just as a fight with her other sister Tricia leaves Sam feeling further unmoored, Joel offers her a lifeline.

Episode 1.2

Knick-Knacks and Doodads

Sam begins to bond with fellow members of Choir Practice,... More but her burgeoning friendship with Joel is threatened over competing outlooks on their future in Kansas. After a disappointing job review and a concerning visit to her parents’ house, an increasingly distraught Sam seeks help from someone close to Holly.

Episode 1.3

Egg Shells

Sam and Joel embark on a covert mission to uncover... More the source of her brother-in-law Rick’s sudden windfall. Then, choir practice provides Sam with the courage and clarity to share mounting concerns about her mother Mary Jo with her father Ed.

Episode 1.4

Feast of St. Francis

After Pastor Deb asks for an impromptu meeting, Joel prepares... More for the worst, and promptly breaks out in a vicious neck rash. With money tight, Sam gets creative in sourcing a solution for the upcoming corn harvest, and later, confronts Rick.


Tee-Tee Pa-Pah

With a tornado looming, Sam prepares for a different kind... More of storm as she shares the truth about Rick with Tricia. After impulsively adopting a dog, Joel realizes he wants more out of life.


Life Could Be a Dream

After a surprising update concerning her recent job performance, Sam... More must evaluate her next step. Meanwhile, Tricia and Charity’s working relationship grows complicated, and a visit to Mary Jo in rehab brings some difficult family truths to light.


Mrs. Diddles

In her quest to reinspire Joel, Sam recruits a small... More team to help and reveals a new potential location for Choir Practice. Later, on a purple party bus, Sam realizes just how far she’s come. Season finale.

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