Sons of Anarchy: Season 2

Sons of Anarchy: Season 2

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Internal tensions in the club are at an all-time high. Meanwhile a new enemy takes root in Charming; LAN, a white separatist organization headed by Ethan Zobelle and his lieutenant, A.J. Weston. Zobelle is intent on ingratiating himself with the community and forcing SAMCRO out.

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Donna's death has the club divided, with Clay setting up... More a new gun deal with the IRA. Charming and SAMCRO 's hold on the city is threatened after Ethan Zobelle a sophisticated separatist opens a tobacco shop. Zobelle and his less-sophisticated associate are determined to take SAMCRO down due to their black and Latino bikers.


Small Tears

After Gemma experiences something horrible she can't tell Jax and... More Clay. A rival porn producer comes to try and put Luanne out of business and Clay doesn't like Jax's decision making.



Zobelle comes up with a problem that Hale can solve... More to frustrate SAMCRO. Meanwhile, Gemma being raped is really affecting her relationship with Clay and the fact that Jax is involved with Luanne's porn business is bothering Tara. Clay decides to give Bobby the responsibility of running the business side of Luanne's.



Tensions between Jax and Clay escalate when they disagree over... More strategy for rescuing Tig after he's captured by bounty hunters on a gun-running mission. Back in Charming, Gemma is rattled by a graphic reminder of her attack, and she sets out to do something about it.



While Jax and Clay lock horns (and line up support)... More over how to deal with Zobelle, Tara finds herself ensnared in Gemma's emotional struggle in the aftermath of her attack. Meanwhile, SAMCRO gets help from an unlikely source.


Faix Cerebri

Zoebelle incites Clay, who plans a course of retaliation, causing... More Jax to look to an unlikely source to keep the club from being destroyed. Tara learns from Gemma how an old lady handles anger.



Since The League has SAMCRO members behind bars, the club... More must make new alliances in prison to survive. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agent Stahl uses this imprisonment to test Jax and Clay's relationship.



Extreme measures are taken by SAMCRO to get a hold... More of weapons for a customer. A theft at Caracara Studios means revenge after one diva is put at risk. Tara's professional and personal lives begin to collide.


Fa Guan

When SAMCRO's adult-film business becomes a hindrance to the club,... More Clay seizes the opportunity to revive the gun-running cartel. As Jax and Clay continue to clash over club activities, their relationship reaches a new level of antagonism.



Agent Stahl (Ally Walker) takes notice at the handsome profits... More SAMCRO is reaping from the repo business. Meanwhile, the Jax- Clay standoff forces Gemma to make a difficult decision.



While Opie seeks both revenge and reconciliation, Chibs makes a... More secret deal with Agent Stahl (Ally Walker) to protect his wife and daughter.


The Culling

Jax and Clay keep SAMCRO focused on their impending showdown... More with Zobelle's group; thanks to Gemma, Tara improves her job security at the hospital; Weston finally discovers his boss's intentions in Charming.


Na Trioblóidí

The second season ends with SAMCRO trying to get rid... More of Ethan Zobelle (Adam Arkin) and his cohorts once and for all.

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Sutter, a writer and producer on "The Shield," fully understands the power of violence in getting a point across, yet the premiere's closing sequence runs a very fine line between demonstrating the neo-Nazis' brutality and a gratuitous display.

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San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

As Sutter proved in the intriguing and original first season, there's plenty more riveting storytelling to tap into as Sons of Anarchy boldly comes of age.

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New York Post

New York Post

The acting is terrific (by all concerned--there's no weak link), the writing stays true to the spirit of the show and nothing feels forced. That's the mark of a winner.

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New York Daily News

New York Daily News

To say we actually like any of these characters would be stretching it. But we're drawn into their lives, and as it starts its second season, Sons of Anarchy can't be left out of any conversation about the golden age of cable drama.

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Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

Morrow is either a dinosaur on the way out or the rock-solid leader the club needs in treacherous times. It's to the show's credit that both descriptions have a certain amount of validity, and I found myself alternately applauding Jax's newfound boldness and regretting his youthful heedlessness.

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