Squid Game: The Challenge - Season 1

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Squid Game becomes real, aside from the murder, in this competition series which boasts the largest cast in reality TV history:... More

Where to watch Squid Game: The Challenge - Season 1

Squid Game: The Challenge - Season 1 is available to... More stream in New Zealand now on Netflix.

Squid Game: The Challenge - Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Red Light, Green Light

Hundreds of hopefuls in tracksuits set out to cross the... More finish line during the opening game of "Red Light, Green Light." A cookie challenge causes chaos.

Episode 1.2

The Man with the Umbrella

Cracks in the competition begin to show during "Dalgona," a... More game that shapes up to be a daunting endeavor amid sweet victories and painful extractions.

Episode 1.3


After a player desperately tries to coax another to pick... More up a phone, the rest prepare for the next challenge and form teams based on brawn and bonds.

Episode 1.4

Nowhere to Hide

Dorm elimination tests rattle the remaining players, who rush to... More find solutions — and avoid becoming targets. A chores session puts two allies on edge.


Trick or Treat

A tempting treat motivates the group to chip in with... More a chore. But a pleasant picnic in the dorm takes a devastating turn when the next game is revealed.



With marbles in hand, players are forced to face off... More against friends and bid tearful farewells. As the money piles up, another elimination test looms.


Friend and Foe

After drawing numbers to determine the order in which they... More will cross the glass bridge, the players consider their options before taking a leap of faith.


One Step Closer

As the clock ticks, the players move quickly to get... More to the other side of the bridge. Back in the dormitory, evading elimination becomes a dicey mission.


Circle of Trust

A nomination from the previous game puts players at odds.... More Emotions run high in a guessing game centered on trust. Who will make it to the final round?


One Lucky Day

As the end draws near, the finalists suit up for... More a lavish feast — and a surprising test. One last game stands between a player and the ultimate prize.

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