Tales of Nai Nai: Season 1

Tales of Nai Nai: Season 1

Tales of Nai Nai: Season 1

Twin siblings and their pet dog learn about Eastern history and culture via their grandmother and her magical purse in this New Zealand family show from Mukpuddy Animation.

2019New ZealandMukpuddy Animation
AnimatedComedyKids & Family
Becky Kuek

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Hui to Go

An angry tornado is heading straight towards a small village in China. Maggie, Michael and a brave villager named Hui must figure out how save everyone with the help of an amazing family invention before... MORE this very special village is destroyed.


Easy Peasy

The twins want to change their names, so they journey high up into the Himalayas to meet a pair of Magical Yaks who agree to give them new names… which are even worse! The twins... MORE and Baobao have to figure out how to change their names back before time runs out.


Best Day Ever

Sick and tired of their parents’ rules, the twins and Baobao dive into the Philippines where they make friends with Ricardo the dugong, but their fun afternoon turns less fun when they swim into the... MORE very thing Ricardo’s parents had warned him about.


Seems Dramatic

Just like the twins, Shīzi the lazy lion can't be bothered getting ready for Chinese New Year. When the Evil Spirits come to throw the world into a thousand years of darkness and fear, the... MORE twins must help Shīzi remember his lion dance in order to scare the Evil Spirits away.


Sky Children

The twins refuse to take responsibility for a mistake they made, so Nai Nai sends them to Vietnam where they come across a hero, a villain and something very precious. The twins are eager to... MORE help the hero, but there’s a surprise twist they didn’t see coming…


Chāojí Xióngmāo (Superpanda)

When the twins decide to play their favourite video game instead of doing their Chinese homework, Nai Nai sends them inside the game to help Superpanda defeat the Evil Wizard, but the twins can’t help... MORE her until they discover what their superpower is.


Talented Laddoos

In the faraway village of Rang Ka Shahar in India, a grey storm is turning everybody to stone. There's only one way to stop the storm, but can the twins, Baobao and Akshara figure it... MORE out before the storm turns them into stone as well?


Huge Orange Monkey

The twins aren't paying attention to the danger around them, so Nai Nai sends them into the perilous jungle of Borneo. They meet an orangutan named Pongo who needs their help saving her mum from... MORE danger, but can they avoid distraction for long enough to help?


Snow Plough Returns

Maggie and Michael don’t want to be twins anymore, so Nai Nai sends them into the magical silk purse on an adventure with some friendly faces through some familiar places, but something very special is... MORE missing…



The twins are sad that Nai Nai is sick, so to cheer them up she sends them on a very special journey to beautiful Japan to help a friendly old man solve the mystery of... MORE the cherry blossom tree that won’t bloom.