The Adventures of Tumeke Space: Season 1

The Adventures of Tumeke Space: Season 1

The Adventures of Tumeke Space: Season 1

Tumeke Space, the beloved galaxy-hopping hero seen in Barefoot Bandits, gets his own sci-fi adventure series from Aotearoa animation studio Mukpuddy. Features the voices of Glen-Paul Waru (Housebound), Josh Thomson (Gary of the Pacific), and Billy T James award-winner Kura Forrester.

2021New Zealand
AdventureAnimatedComedyKids & FamilyScience Fiction

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8 February 2021

Episode 1

After finding a clue to his Koro's whereabouts, Tumeke and Junior respond to a distress beacon from the fuzzy little inhabitants of Planet Velora. Guest starring Josh Ruben.

8 February 2021

Episode 2

While obtaining party supplies for the gelatinous would-be gangsta rapper G-Wibble, Tumeke gets stuck in an electromagnetic asteroid field with his old nemesis The Pink Menace.

8 February 2021

Episode 3

When Jimmy's ship is impounded, Tumeke takes a star-struck security guard on a date while Wahine Troubles breaks in to retrieve it... only to find a new mystery inside the impound lot. Guest starring Urzila... MORE Carlson.

8 February 2021

Episode 4

The Orange Roughie needs repairs. While seeking out a rare power source, Tumeke and Junior fight their way through the Bogroid, a planet-sized organism, and meet a potential new ally who has definitely been alone... MORE too long.

8 February 2021

Episode 5

Tumeke, Wahine and Junior take their fight to the Queen, only to discover she has demoted The Pink Menace and replaced him with a much tougher, meaner new foe: The Blue Skurge.