The Barefoot Bandits: Season 2

The Barefoot Bandits: Season 2

The Barefoot Bandits: Season 2

The little known island of Ngaro has long held many a mystery, though this fact has been largely unnoticed by the quiet townsfolk that call it home. That is until Tane, Fridge and Riley, who call themselves The Barefoot Bandits, take it upon themselves to investigate all the secrets the island has to offer.

2017New ZealandMukpuddy Animation
AdventureAnimatedComedyKids & Family

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The Smallish Mermaid

The Barefoot Bandits discover a young mermaid who dreams of living out a fairy tale life by finding a prince and magically getting human legs. Riley is determined to convince her otherwise while also helping... MORE the mermaid escape from a relentless Crabnoid.


Sugar Burger

A new fast food restaurant called Sugar Burger opens on Ngaro Island bringing with it the larger than life Mr Sugarthumb. The Bandits are quickly swept up in the excitement of this new arrival, but... MORE soon discover the restaurant may hold many a dark secret.


Day of the Cicada

Thanks to an unusual heat wave, an enormous storm of cicadas engulfs Ngaro Island keeping most of the towns folk holed up at the town hall, leaving the Barefoot Bandits to find a way to... MORE stop the invasion.


Too Much Tumeke

The Bandits find a lost episode of their favourite show, Tumeke Space, and settle in for an epic screening. While the episode plays, their nemesis Sebastian tries to sabotage their fun.


The Blood Bus

A blood donation bus turns up on Ngaro Island along with it's vampire puppet mascot Varney (Richard O'Brien). The Barefoot Bandits grow suspicious when the rest of the town seem to be hypnotised by the... MORE puppet and decide to find out just who's behind the ominous "Blood Bus".


War of the Worms

The glow worms, who found freedom thanks to the Bandits, find themselves in an epic underground war. Milford the glow worm (Jemaine Clement) turns to the Bandits to help resolve it.


Cragglechin Returns

A ghost ship arrives on Ngaro Island bringing a horde of pirate ghosts who have no intention of leaving. The Bandits enlist the help of Captain Cragglechin, to de-ghost the island.


Back for Moa

The nefarious Mr Black returns for revenge on the island that once thwarted his bird smuggling plans. Now, he has his sights set on the extremely rare, previously thought extinct, moa.


Terracotta Terror

When Sebastian's parents (The Topp Twins) inadvertently invite The Barefoot Bandits and Mayor Dennis Gobb to Sebastian's birthday party, the group find themselves stalked by an evil gnome.


Rise of the Reptiles

The volcano at the center of Ngaro is about to blow, forcing everyone to move. When the Bandits discover the cause of the eruption, they enlist an old foe to help thwart the threat.