The Brokenwood Mysteries: Season 9

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Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd arrives on assignment in Brokenwood, a small town where memories--and animosities--run deep. As Shepherd adapts to... More

Where to watch The Brokenwood Mysteries: Season 9

The Brokenwood Mysteries: Season 9 is available to stream in... More New Zealand now on TVNZ+.

The Brokenwood Mysteries: Season 9 episodes

Episode 9.1

Brokenwood: The Musical

The history of Brokenwood gets new life as a musical.... More But the setting literally brings with it a shock for the composer.

Episode 9.2

Old Blood Money

Mike and the team discover more than one dead body,... More and a significant amount of family rivalry, in the manor house where a pair of aging siblings live.

Episode 9.3

Nun of the Above

The team at Brokenwood must navigate a group of nuns... More who've taken a vow of silence when a member of their order is strangled on their way to chapel.

Episode 9.4

Going to the Dogs

Mike, Kristin and Chalmers must determine who wanted a local... More vet nurse dead when she uncovers a doping scandal and gets murdered for knowing too much.


Shot of Love

A death at a motel at first looks like an... More accident, but something is not right in the stories the guests tell.


Motorcycle Mamas

A motorcycle gang comes to Brokenwood to celebrate the wedding... More of one of its members, Debbie. But a tragic death saw a couple stop the party.

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