The Casketeers: Season 2

The Casketeers: Season 2

The Casketeers: Season 2

Second season of the docu-series following Francis and Kaiora Tipene of Tipene Funerals, a sparsely-known but culturally important funeral parlor in Auckland's Onehunga. The Casketeers follows the stories of individual deaths and bereaved families, the trials and triumphs of running a business, traditional funeral and grief practices, and the quirks of the Tipenes and their staff.

A hit show locally in New Zealand, The Casketeers has been released internationally on Netflix.


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Episode 1

Francis has new staff and a fresh new outlook on life. A whanau spend the night in the chapel and a WW1 veteran needs to be removed from his grave and taken home.

Episode 2

The funeral home needs renovating and Francis is the man for the job. Nona showcases her skills as a celebrant but Francis is nervous to officiate the funeral of a delicate death.


Episode 3

A respected kaumatua passes away and is flown in from Dunedin and Kaiora supports Scotty through a traumatic funeral he must direct.


Episode 4

Francis has new staff member, Fehe, assist him for the first time and a young Fijian woman's funeral honours the inspiring performer that she was.


Episode 5

Francis deals beautifully with the dead, but is struggling to keep things alive at the funeral home. A grieving widow queries her husband's appearance and a staff member suffers great personal loss.


Episode 6

Nona cares for a Niuean man who dies suddenly and the death of an overweight man spurs Francis to find new, healthy ways to team build with his staff.


Episode 7

Francis wants to take funerals to the future, but he's having trouble convincing others to come along for the ride. A case Francis hasn't seen before requires special attention from the embalmer.


Episode 8

A bad van purchase comes back to haunt Kai but Francis promises this time will be different. Fehe directs her first Tongan funeral on her own and an emotional tangi proves that animals grieve too.

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