The Flash: Season 7

The Flash: Season 7

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Grant Gustin returns as Barry Allen, AKA The Flash, in CW's latest season of the superhero show which continues on from the team's confrontation with Godspeed and the Mirrorverse. More

Season seven follows Barry trying to both stop McCulloch Technologies's Eva McCulloch and find a way to locate his missing wife, Iris West-Allen.

2021Rating: PGUSA
Science Fiction



All's Wells That Ends Wells

When an experiment to save Barry's speed backfires, Nash Wells... More searches for a way to save The Flash and comes up with a dangerous plan. Meanwhile, Iris makes a startling realization inside the Mirrorverse and Cecile faces off with Rosa Dillon.


The Speed of Thought

When Barry suddenly gains the power of speed thinking, he... More attempts to use his new gift to save Iris. While Barry is thrilled with his new power, Cisco is hesitant to trust it. Meanwhile, Eva must face a shattering truth.



As Eva becomes more powerful, Barry and team must find... More a way to stop her, they are shocked when an old friend - Sue Dearbon risks her life to help.


Central City Strong

The Flash must deal with Abra Kadabra's sudden return to... More Central City. The villain is back with a vengeance and a score to settle. Meanwhile, Allegra deals with a tricky situation and Caitlin suspects something is off with Frost. Iris is forced to look at a dark moment in her past.


Fear Me

When a powerful new villain, Psych, channels and amplifies everyone's... More fears in order to wreak havoc on Central City, Barry realizes, with Cecile's help, that he must face his own worst fear in order to beat this new threat. Meanwhile, Joe is surprised when Kristen Kramer from the Governor's Municipal Logistics Commission drops into CCPD for a visit. Iris warns her father to dig deeper on why Kristen is actually there. Caitlin and Frost argue about how to live their lives.


The One With The Nineties

Cisco and Chester travel back in time and get stuck... More in 1998, repeating the same day over and over again. The key to returning home is at Chester's childhood home but he refuses to visit.


Growing Pains

When a mysterious ice powered enemy frames Frost for a... More brutal crime, she must find a way to clear her name; Barry and Iris have a surprise houseguest, and Joe continues to deal with Kristen Kramer.


The People V. Killer Frost

With Frost facing an unjust punishment for her past crimes,... More Caitlin goes to great lengths to save her sister. Meanwhile, Barry's efforts to protect Speed Force Nora lead to a shocking discovery.



After a devastating betrayal, Barry turns to Timeless Wells for... More help. Meanwhile, Iris leads Team Citizen down a dangerous road in search of answers, and Cisco confides his biggest fear to Kamilla.


Family Matters (1)

Iris is pushed to the limit as she seeks to... More uncover the mysterious truth about Psych; Barry initiates a new training system, that could potentially backfire, with devastating consequences; Joe and Cisco make life-altering decisions.


Family Matters (2)

Barry and Iris come together to try and stop a... More dangerous force from destroying Central City.


Good-Bye Vibrations

Cisco and Kamilla tell the team they are leaving Central... More City. However, Barry, Iris and Caitlin don't have much time to digest the news because a new version of Rainbow Raider strikes and OG Team Flash must join together one final time to save the city.



Cecile is forced to confront her past in order to... More break free from a psychic prison. Meanwhile, Chester takes over for Cisco but makes a mistake that puts Barry in serious danger. Joe investigates Kristen Kramer's old military ties and discovers an unsettling truth.


Rayo De Luz

When Ultraviolet returns to Central City, Allegra is determined to... More find her cousin and change her heart. Meanwhile, Joe finds evidence that Kristen Kramer may not be the good cop she appears to be.


Enemy at the Gates

When an army of Godspeeds attack Central City, Barry and... More Iris must put their family plans on hold and focus on the latest threat to their home. Meanwhile, Chillblaine is released from prison and claims to be reformed but Frost has her doubts.



John Diggle arrives in Central City with a weapon to... More help Barry stop the Godspeed War. Meanwhile, Allegra and Ultraviolet's new bond is put to the ultimate test, while Joe and Kristen Kramer are hunted by a former colleague of hers.


Heart of the Matter (1)

Barry and Iris greet their future children, XS and Bart,... More only for a shocking secret to threaten their new familial harmony. Meanwhile, the Godspeed war intensifies and threatens to destroy Central City.


Heart of the Matter (2)

The Flash enlists a host of speedster allies, including Iris... More and his children from the future - Bart and Nora West-Allen - to end the speedster war and defeat a deadly new adversary: the villainous Godspeed.

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The Flash: Season 7 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Neon.