The Forest: Season 1

The Forest: Season 1

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When a teenage girl goes missing, local law enforcement and her teacher conduct a desperate search in this French mystery mini-series. More

In a small quiet village in the Ardennes, a sixteen-year-old girl disappears into the forest after calling her teacher in the middle of the night. Captain Gaspard Deker, a former soldier and newly arrived single father is conducting the investigation with Virginie Musso, the local cop. Also helping is the teacher, Eve Mendel, a solitary young woman with a mysterious past: she was found as a child by the villiage doctor wandering silently in the same forest.

2017Rating: TV-MAFrance
CrimeDramaMysteryWorld Cinema



Episode 1

A newly-arrived police chief, Gaspard Decker, in the small village... More of Montfaucon begins investigating the disappearance of a 16-year old girl, Jennifer Lenoir.


Episode 2

Captain Decker questions Maya, stoking tensions at the station. A... More grim discovery in the woods and two more disappearances put the town on edge.


Episode 3

The police follow a tip to an Internet cafe frequented... More by the three girls. After uncovering a clue to her past, Eve seeks out Manoa for information.


Episode 4

Virginie is emotionally wrecked as police investigation uncovers sordid secrets... More about her family. Eve searches the forest for more clues about her obscure past.


Episode 5

Revelations about her past drag Eve even deeper onto the... More case. A witness excites Capitaine Decker's suspicion. The school falls victim to vandalism.


Episode 6

The announcement of the identity of the murderer causes a... More feverish search. The families have to fight with the effects of the traumatic events.

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The Forest: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Netflix.