The Inbetweeners: Series 2

The Inbetweeners: Series 2

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A group of British teen lads stumble through a world of futile crushes, sibling brawls, getting drunk too quickly and casting constant aspersions about your friends' sexuality in this classic UK comedy series.

2009Rating: TV-14UKBwark Productions



The Field Trip

It's a new term and the infamous sociology and geography... More field trip to Swanage is coming up; all the boys are on board. A new girl, Lauren, has joined the school, and Will has taken a particular shine to her. The only problem is that she has eyes for Simon. Jay is on the lookout for a legendary Swanage MILF, and Neil is desperately trying to deflect the advances of an over-friendly teacher, Mr Kennedy.


Work Experience

Following a disappointing Valentines Day a mix-up in the work... More experience programme means that Neil gets to work in a newspaper office whilst Will is stuck in a garage, where he gets stripped and thrown in a pond as an initiation ceremony. Unwisely he inadvertently invites a work colleague to the school disco, where Simon gets a pleasant surprise from a female admirer.A run-in with a younger boy, however, means that ultimately the boys end up facing their customary public humiliation.


Will's Birthday

It's Will's seventeenth birthday and he is planning a dinner... More party but it clashes with a more popular bash so that his only guests are Neil, Jay, Simon and Simon's exchange student Patrice. Out of boredom they gate-crash the other party but only one of them is asked to stay and then bedded by the hostess as a sex object. The other four are sent packing. Needless to say none of those four are French.


Night Out in London

Will decides the boys should reinvent themselves as trendy clubbers... More and they drive to London in Simon's car, though to gain entry to the best club in town Simon must swap his trainers for a tramp's filthy old shoes. Neil cuts his penis weeing into a can and when Jay inspects the damage they are ejected as perverts. Can things get any worse for the lads? The wheel-clamping of Simon's car might provide the answer.


The Duke Of Edinburgh Awards

Will is asked to co-ordinate the school's Duke of Edinburgh... More award scheme, and immediately turns the situation to his advantage, using it as an opportunity to volunteer at an old peoples home to try and snare his former babysitter. The other boys help out, except for Simon who has problems of his own.


End of Term

Exams are looming, and Will is getting stressed. Simon at... More last seems to be making some headway with Carli - he's helping her revise (albeit at the expense of his own revision). It first aired on 7 May 2009 on E4.

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