The Last Kingdom: Season 1

The Last Kingdom: Season 1

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History, politics and bloodthirsty action collide in this British series following a Saxon-born Viking looking to claim his ancestral birthright, and the kingdom led by Alfred the Great as they defend themselves from Norse invaders.




Episode 1

Saxon boy Uhtred is seized by a Danish warlord. Years... More later he embarks on a quest of revenge to reclaim his inheritance and discover who he is - Saxon or Dane.


Episode 2

No longer Saxon or Dane, Uhtred and his best friend... More Brida are fugitives on the run from Uhtred’s uncle Aelfric. Finding himself blamed for a wedding massacre, Uhtred pleads his innocence to the great Viking warlord Ubba, but is not believed. His only choice is to return to his Saxon roots and approach the soon-to-be king, Alfred.


Episode 3

Uhtred wins the protection of Alfred, but his relationship with... More Brida is jeopardized.


Episode 4

King Alfred keeps Uhtred close with a tactical play, but... More Uhtred soon realizes he's been tricked. Meanwhile, a great battle looms over Wessex.


Episode 5

Uhtred volunteers to attack Danish ships, but challenges Ubba in... More the process as the Danes threaten Wessex.


Episode 6

Uhtred leads a raiding party to Cornwall on a mission... More for wealth and independence and attracts the attention of a beautiful sorceress queen.


Episode 7

As a consequence of their actions in Cornwall, Uhtred and... More Leofric face off in a death match. The Danes launch an invasion of Wessex.


Episode 8

A united King Alfred and Uhtred leave the cover of... More the marshes and make a rallying call to all Saxon armies.

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A.V. Club

A.V. Club

While Uhtred’s position as a hero torn between two worlds is central, it’s also not elevated much above the larger context of the story the show tells so consistently well.

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

There’s plenty of testosterone running through The Last Kingdom’s veins, though there is a potentially strong female perspective courtesy of the character of Brida (Emily Cox), a slave girl who becomes Uhtred’s lover, his closest confidant and an indispensable partner in battle.

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The series has taken on a life of its own, offering a reminder that there’s always room, at least on a niche basis, for another good one.

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The Last Kingdom: Season 1 | Release Details

The Last Kingdom: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Netflix.