The Legend of Vox Machina: Season 1

The Legend of Vox Machina: Season 1

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A violent and foul-mouthed take on Dungeons and Dragons, this adventure series animated by Titmouse (Star Trek: Lower Decks) adapts the wildly popular DnD campaign from improv show Critical Role.

2022USATitmouse, Critical Role Productions, Amazon Studios



The Terror of Tal'Dorei (1)

The ragtag group of adventurers known as Vox Machina are... More commissioned by Sovereign Uriel to find out who (or what) is decimating villages in the outskirts of Emon.


The Terror of Tal'Dorei (2)

Vox Machina tells Sovereign Uriel of the monstrous culprit behind... More the devastating village attacks, and manage to track the creature back to its hidden lair. For the safety of Emon, Vox Machina must rise to the occasion and go face-to-face with a beast that is seemingly impossible to kill.


The Feast of Realms

Vox Machina is invited to the palace for a formal... More dinner, where Percy encounters murderous figures from his past: the mysterious Lord Sylas and Lady Delilah Briarwood. While gathering more information about the Briarwoods, a battle ensues. In the aftermath, the team discovers Percy’s tortured past has left something dark brewing inside of him.


Shadows at the Gates

After ruining Sovereign Uriel’s diplomatic dinner, Vox Machina is confined... More to their Keep under house arrest. While they stave off boredom, Keyleth convinces Percy to open up about his dark history and Pike fears she has lost her connection to her deity. Meanwhile, a looming new threat is on its way to confront Vox Machina.


Fate's Journey

Vox Machina journeys to Whitestone to confront the Briarwoods and... More help Percy reclaim his family home. As they travel, Scanlan studies Delilah Briarwood’s mysterious spell book to uncover clues. But the team’s first road trip is interrupted when the Briarwoods send horrific monsters to retrieve their missing book.


Spark of Rebellion

Vox Machina finds Whitestone's holy leader, Keeper Yennen, who tells... More them of a growing rebellion. The team realizes that to defeat the Briarwoods they will need the help of rebel leader, Archibald Desnay. But first they must stage a daring prison break and confront the Briarwoods’ sadistic jailer, Kerrion Stonefell.



As Vox Machina discovers more about a revenge pact Percy... More made years ago, Keyleth tries to magically connect with the Sun Tree. She senses its pain as well as a dark force deep below the city of Whitestone. Feeling underappreciated, Scanlan volunteers to infiltrate Duke Vedmire's mansion as a distraction while Vox Machina attempts to rescue Percy's sister Cassandra.


A Silver Tongue

Vox Machina battles the vicious Professor Anders and his unique... More magical abilities, while Delilah Briarwood uses magic to summon a demonic army to rise against our heroes. Meanwhile, Pike searches for a way to reconnect with her deity, even if it means risking her life.


The Tide of Bone

The Briarwoods' evil past connects with the present as Delilah... More reveals her pact with the Whispered One. In the bloody Whitestone streets, Vox Machina wages the fight of their lives against an undead horde. But just when all looks lost, the team gets help from an unexpected source.


Depths of Deceit

After Percy confronts his old nemesis, Dr. Anna Ripley, a... More tenuous partnership is struck. Despite Percy’s protests that she can’t be trusted, Vox Machina brings Ripley along. She leads them through the traps under the castle, but soon the team is double-crossed by one of their own.


Whispers at the Ziggurat

Vox Machina launches a final assault against the Briarwoods atop... More the Ziggurat. Battling the dark magic of Delilah and the vampiric strength of Sylas, a worried Vex and an unhinged Percy try to save their siblings. But their best efforts may not be enough as the Briarwoods near completion of their secret ritual.


The Darkness Within

Vox Machina has stopped the Briarwoods’ evil ritual, but at... More a heavy cost. As they flee the Ziggurat to save one of their own, Percy is eager to take revenge on their prisoner, Delilah Briarwood. When Vex implores him to let go of his vengeance, Percy must confront the darkness within himself.

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If James Gunn was a DnD dungeon master, his campaign would look a lot like this gleefully gory and potty-mouthed fantasy show about a merry band of assholes tasked with saving the kingdom and getting some self-respect.

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The highly anticipated animated series delivers a perfect amount of absurdity and heart.

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The tight friendship of the Vox Machina group, combined with sharp animation, funny jokes, rich action, and raw, honest drama, will win over new fans and satisfy old ones.

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The Legend of Vox Machina: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Prime Video.