The Moth Effect: Season 1

The Moth Effect: Season 1

The Moth Effect: Season 1

Nick Boshier (Bondi Hipsters) and Jazz Twemlow (Tonightly) co-create this six-part Australian satirical sketch comedy show.

2021AustraliaAmazon Studios

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30 July 2021

Timecest and Ice Cream

A small English town is ruined by philosophical gang warfare, an 80s time travelling hero battles with a self-inflicted paradox, and an ice cream company tries to end all war.

6 August 2021

David is Goliath

David Attenborough turns into a wrathful colossus, Ted (Bryan Brown) gets a makeover from Q-Anon, and dads everywhere who receive too much praise finally get their anthem.

13 August 2021

Old Matey

A couple's lives are turned upside down by a Smart Pillow, we see the breeding stable where politicians are grown, and catch the trailer for the explosive silent movie starring Nazeem Hussain.

20 August 2021

Celestial graveyard

Quiz show "Who Gives a Sh*t" tells you if you're giving a sh*t about the right sh*t, drone strikes become a beacon of positivity, and a synthetic humanoid comes face to face with their ultimate... MORE test.

27 August 2021

Adjective Noun Noun

A Norwegian silliness expert arms riot police with better strategies, a UK documentary respectfully explores the lives of utter freaks, stranded sailors ponder the big questions, and a party song reflects the reality of actual... MORE parties.

3 September 2021

Have you heard of the white ant?

Enjoy the latest reality TV show that makes no sense, a crack team find ingenious ways to protect sacred sites, and James Bond (Bobby Cannavale) has trouble interrogating an arch villain (Vincent D'Onofrio).

The Moth Effect: Season 1 / Reviews

Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald

A gloriously edgy send-up of humanity...

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The jokes fly hard and fast, though not all of them stick the landing.

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For now, it’s mainly clever but disposable fun; but there’s also encouraging scope here to build sketch comedy with real cut-through.

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