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All teenage girls in the world develop the power to electrocute people at will in this supernatural series co-starring Toni Collette... More

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The Power: Season 1 is available to stream in New... More Zealand now on Prime Video.

The Power: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

“A Better Future is in Your Hands”

Across the world teenage girls are experiencing a strange sensation... More beneath their collarbones, a tingling in their hands and sudden jolts of electricity sparking from their fingertips. This new power is an agent of both liberation and destruction.

Episode 1.2

“The World is on Fu*king Fire”

As teen girls grapple with their new abilities, parents and... More political leaders try to make sense of a sudden rash of fires, power outages, blown electrical grids and mysterious burn marks.

Episode 1.3

“A New Organ”

The aftermath of a catastrophic plane crash unearths a new... More consequence of the Power. The veil of political secrecy and misinformation is shattered, and the world as we know it will never be the same.

Episode 1.4

“The Day of The Girls”

As the Power challenges the status quo across the world,... More we find three of our characters in the midst of their own personal revolutions.


“Scarlet Minnow”

EOD is being transferred to adult women across the world.... More New voices are emerging – those who champion The Power as a promise of a more equitable future... and others who see it as a threat to their very existence. These opposing forces can rip apart the deepest bonds... or bring unlikely allies together.



Governments are introducing new laws on EOD testing, while Urbandox’s... More followers are growing more dangerous... forcing some to keep their Power hidden, while putting others in the line of fire.



As opponents of EOD pose an increasing threat, those who... More have the Power look to each other for strength, protection and new leadership.


“Just a Girl”

Secrets are exposed... new bonds are formed... others are shattered...... More as our characters journeys grow increasingly intertwined across an ever-changing world.


“The Shape of Power”

In this new world order, unlikely alliances have been made...... More new leaders have risen. They are gathering their loyal soldiers... and facing off against their enemies... in a battle for Power.

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The coming-of-age series' creators clearly understand the transformative power of metaphor. It’s moving to see Toni Collette's character frame these electrical powers within the context of women’s wider bodily rights.

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