Truth Seekers: Season 1

Truth Seekers: Season 1

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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead) write and star in this UK comedy series about a ghost-hunting team who share their paranormal sightings online. As their experience grows and their cases become more terrifying, they're led to a conspiracy that could threaten the entire human race.

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The Haunting Of Connelly’s Nook

Gus Roberts is the number one installer at SMYLE, Britain’s... More biggest mobile network operator and internet service provider. In his spare time he’s also a keen investigator of the paranormal.


The Watcher On The Water

Gus & Elton are sent to fix the broadband connection... More at The Portland Beacon, “the only horror themed hotel on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast”.


The Girl With All The Ghosts

Gus and Elton finally come face to face with Astrid,... More who comes to ask for their help – she’s being chased by ghosts.


The Incident at CovColCosCon

It’s the day Helen’s been waiting for – Coventry Collectibles... More & Cosplay Convention. Elton is preparing to take her & her Dalek costume along. When Gus discovers his hero, the visionary Dr. Peter Toynbee, is speaking at the convention he decides to join the trip – & Richard comes along for the ride too.


The Ghost Of The Beast Of Bodmin

The Truth Seekers receive a message from a new subscriber,... More Jojo74, containing a picture of what could well be the legendary Beast Of Bodmin. Keen to check it out, they head for Cornwall in HMS Darkside.


The Revenge Of The Chichester Widow

:( Episode synopsis not known. Yet.


The Hinckley Boy

Having realised the truth about his partner, Gus tricks his... More Elton into a trip to his childhood home to confront his past. As Toynbee’s evil plan draws closer to its conclusion, the Truth Seekers come to understand what he’s up to and that it’s up to them to stop him.


The Shadow of the Moon

The Truth Seekers arrive at the Portland Power Station to... More search for Richard, only to find Dr. Toynbee’s ritual in full swing. With the eclipse nearing totality, it’s a race against time to save Richard’s life, and countless others.

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...a slight and only sporadically amusing effort that lacks the panache and wit of previous pairings of Pegg and Frost.

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Truth Seekers has plenty of small-town British charm to spare as [Nick Frost] travels from one haunted house to another. But the series also quickly reveals itself to be a genuinely creepy bit of horror.

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Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine

The end result doesn't really break new ground, but is a fun, funny recasting of Mulder and Scully with ramshackle Englishmen.

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Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald

There are brief moments when it's almost genuinely haunting, but the less you expect, the more you'll be pleased.

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

Truth Seekers has just enough character and just enough humor and just enough eeriness to be watchable and involving, without any of those elements emerging as entirely satisfying.

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A Ghostbusters-like saga with a stale sense of humor, with only a little more creativity when it comes to the actual spooky stuff.

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