Who Killed Sara: Season 2

Who Killed Sara: Season 2

Who Killed Sara: Season 2

Mystery-thriller series continuing the tale of a man who was framed for his sister's murder and dedicated himself to finding the real culprit.

2021Rating: TV-MAMexico
CrimeDramaMysteryThrillerWorld Cinema

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19 May 2021

The Two Faces of Sara

The corpse found in the backyard threatens to put Álex back in jail. To prove his innocence, he looks for answers with a psychiatrist who treated Sara.

19 May 2021

Blood on Their Hands

Lorenzo agrees to be Álex's lawyer. Mariana decides what to do with Elroy. Elisa becomes collateral damage in one of Álex's attacks against César.

19 May 2021


Álex’s obsession with revenge prompts Elisa to make a choice. Moncho breaks into Chema and Lorenzo's house. Sara learns a shocking truth about herself.

19 May 2021

It's All on You

Six months later, Álex discovers the identity of the corpse in his backyard. Meanwhile, César has disappeared and Elisa comes back from Europe.

19 May 2021

The Dead Speak

Álex helps Lorenzo and Chema with the aftermath of what happened at their house. Sergio targets Elisa to hurt César. Nicandro meets up with Marifer.

19 May 2021

This Is Personal

An officer shows up at Lorenzo's office to inquire about Moncho. Marifer discloses her plan to find her mom to Nicandro. Álex focuses on finding Elisa.

19 May 2021

We Were Never Friends

Flashbacks reveal Sara and Marifer's connection. Moncho's brother exacts his revenge. Nicandro hands Álex the ultimate proof of Sara's double life.

19 May 2021

I Killed Sara

A videotape hidden in Sara's closet becomes a key piece of evidence that makes everyone realize they've been seeking the murderer in the wrong place.

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The New York Times

Your devotion to or dismissal of the show will be determined by how you respond to the soap-opera flourishes...

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