World on Fire: Series 2

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BBC drama series following the intertwined lives of ordinary civilians across Europe as they are caught up in World War... More

Where to watch World on Fire: Series 2

World on Fire: Series 2 is available to stream in... More New Zealand now on TVNZ+.

World on Fire: Series 2 episodes

Episode 2.1

Episode 1

The war reaches the sands of the Egyptian desert while... More bombs fall on Manchester, and Harry introduces an explosive force into Robina’s household, leaving her reeling.

Episode 2.2

Episode 2

As Harry struggles to adapt to the reality of desert... More combat, Lois still longs to leave home. In Paris, Henriette is in grave danger, and a mysterious stranger arrives at Robina’s.

Episode 2.3

Episode 3

As Stan and Rajib make a hasty retreat across the... More desert, Marga reasserts her commitment to the führer. Meanwhile, David is in peril in the skies over France.

Episode 2.4

Episode 4

As Kasia takes on her first assignment as an agent,... More Rajib’s military values are tested. Meanwhile, a familiar face comes to David’s aid


Episode 5

Tragedy strikes at the heart of Harry’s unit as the... More siege drags on in Tobruk. In Manchester, Kasia is confronted by more of the horrors of the war. In France, romance blossoms between David and Henriette.


Episode 6

Harry returns to Manchester, but Kasia is determined to leave.... More In Europe, Marga and Henriette must each make their escape, while north Africa becomes even more brutal for Rajib.

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