Young Rock: Season 2

Young Rock: Season 2

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As Dwayne Johnson runs for president in 2032, he takes a comedic look back at his extraordinary life through the stories of his family and youth that shaped him into the man he is today.

2022Rating: TV-14USAUniversal Television, Seven Bucks Productions, Fierce Baby Productions, Grit & Superstition



Unprecedented Fatherhood

As the 2032 election nears, Dwayne reflects on what it... More means to be a father. In 1984, little Dewey vies for his father's attention. In 1987, teenage Dwayne arrives in Nashville. In 1996, adult Dwayne struggles in the Canadian Football League.


Seven Bucks

Calgary, 1996: Dwayne struggles to find his footing on the... More Calgary Stampeders practice squad. Fearing he'll be cut, he spends a life-changing day with a teammate. In 2032, an online troll threatens Dwayne's presidential campaign.


In Your Blood

Hawaii, 1984: As Lia prepares for her trial, she puts... More Ata in charge of her wrestling promotion and all the problems that come with it; Rocky begins to feel overshadowed by his partner: Dewey goes head-to-head with a new classmate.


In the Dark

Nashville, 1987: Rocky promises he will find the family an... More apartment by the time Ata arrives from Hawaii, but the clock is ticking; Dwayne settles into his new Nashville life with the help of an old family friend, Downtown Bruno.


What Business?

Tampa, 1995: With his football dreams dashed, Dwayne asks Rocky... More to train him to become a wrestler; Rocky begrudgingly agrees, but when Dwayne feels he isn't progressing, he secretly turns to outside help.


Kiss and Release

Hawaii, 1984: When Dewey gets in trouble at school, Ata... More enlists the help of Andre the Giant to set him straight; Lia, on trial for extortion, attempts to curry favor with the jury.


An Understanding

Nashville, 1987: Ata and Rocky's marriage hits a rough patch;... More when teenage Dwayne questions his dad's decision making, Ata tells him the story of how she and Rocky met; in 2032, candidate Johnson decides to face his challenger head on.


Corpus Christi

Texas, 1996: Dwayne's first match will be for the WWF;... More after meeting legends and future legends backstage, he soon discovers there's more to the match than just the moves -- he needs to get a hostile audience to care.


Backyard Brawl-B-Q

Hawaii, 1984: On the day of the Brawl-B-Q, Rocky's relationship... More with partner Tony Atlas hits a breaking point. Dewey becomes the object of multiple school crushes. The extortion case against Lia reaches its conclusion.


Rocky's Code

Nashville, 1987: Rocky takes a promising new wrestling job but... More is faced with a difficult decision. Ata spends a night out with Miss Elizabeth. Teenage Dwayne starts to worry about


You Gotta Get Down to Get Up

Memphis, 1996: The WWF sends Dwayne to Memphis to develop... More his wrestling skills. When a booker bullies Downtown Bruno, Dwayne decides to fight back. In 2032, Candidate Dwayne Johnson's conflict with Dr. Julien comes to a head.


Let the People Decide

In 2032, Candidate Dwayne Johnson rides the ups and downs... More of election day. In 1984, Rocky and Ata are at a crossroads with their futures in wrestling. In 1987, teenage Dwayne learns that the family is leaving Nashville. In 1996, Dwayne's rise through the WWF doesn't go as planned.

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