Flicks Talks: ‘Hip Hop-eration’ director Bryn Evans

Flicks and Chillbox Creative talk to documentarian Bryn Evans about his feel-good feature that follows a group of senior Kiwis who train to compete in the World Hip-Hop Championships in Las Vegas.

We have no doubt that the film “hits raw magic when exploring separate stories from the past of its senior cast” and “will stamp a smile on audiences of any age” in our review. The film is now playing nationwide – check here for movie times.

Time codes:

0.17 – Hip Hop-eration vs. Young @ Heart

1.25 – Being introduced to the Hip Operation crew

2.00 – ‘The chicken or the egg?’

3.00 – What if they never completed the journey?

4.00 – The budget

4.30 – The make-or-break phone call

5.35 – Observational filmmaking vs. commercial filmmaking

7.20 – Future projects

8.00 – What are the other great NZ documentaries?

8.55 – Documenting iconic Kiwis vs. common Kiwis

9.50 – Earning trust and respect

12.00 – Opening up to the camera

12.40 – Culling the characters

13.35 – The stories that could not be told

14.00 – Peter’s story AKA The Deacon