24 Weeks

24 Weeks

(24 Wochen)

The second feature from German director Anne Zohra Berrached (Two Mothers) and nominee for the Golden Bear at the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival.... More

"Astrid is a comedian who makes people laugh for a living; her husband Markus is her manager and the two of them work well together. They have a nine-year-old daughter and are expecting their second child. When they learn that their child will not be born healthy, they are at first optimistic that they will be able to meet this challenge – although they have no idea what awaits them. But the closer it gets to the due date, the more Astrid begins to worry about the future of her unborn child as well as that of her family and her career. After many discussions and arguments Astrid realises that the decision that will affect all their lives must be made by her alone. What complicates matters further is the fact that, as a successful entertainer, she is in the eye of the public and the media." (Berlin International Film Festival)Hide

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  • ...a very TV-friendly movie whose decent performances can’t really compensate for such lackluster filmmaking. Full Review

  • 24 Weeks forces us to identify deeply with Astrid’s anguish and as such it’s a gruelling viewing experience. Full Review

  • There are no surprises in this standard-issue drama about a woman flip-flopping on whether to have an abortion. Full Review

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